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Sightseeing Copenhagen - In and beyond Copenhagen
Customised City Tours and Sightseeing in and outside of Copenhagen
Tourist in Copenhagen - Sightseeing - Copenhagen
Sightseeing Tours - Copenhagen.
Customised & Exclusive City Tours and Sightseeing in and beyond Copenhagen*
Star rated and classified - attractions and venues
We arrange personal and individual high quality city tours - as well as special field trips in and outside of Copenhagen. Weekly cultural and historical excursions for small and large groups. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and an old historical and cultural city with an overflow of interesting attractions and venues that one can find on the interactive map of Copenhagen - together with all the information on Visit the The Little Mermaid (The national landmark) - Tivoli Gardens - (A beautiful breath hole and oasis in the centre of the city) - A long harbour and canal tour - (Historical Copenhagen from the Sea) - Amalienborg Palace (Royal Residence from 1752 ) - Christiansborg Palace (Danish Parliament) - Rosenborg Castle - and the Crown Jewels - (Royal summer residence from 1606) - “Nyhavn” (The longest bar in Scandinavia) - The Round Tower (Observatory from 1642) - The Old Citadel (Fortification from 1664) - The City Hall Tower (Birds eye view of the city) - The Open Air Museum (Amazing Rural Buildings from 1650-1950) - The Lure Blowers (Test if you're a virgin. If the Lure blowers blow their horns - while passing by them - you are!) - and much more - like tasting a cool foaming Carlsberg Beer at the Visitor Centre - or stop at a little Micro Brewery with a variety of own special in-house brewed beer. Take a tour with us to the little fishing village just outside of Copenhagen called Dragør - where fishing boats enters the harbour early in the morning with their daily catch - or sail with an old wooden schooner and experience the Sound and the North Sealand coast line together with a glimpse of the Swedish seashores. Our interactive maps over Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen can help deepen the knowledge to the many prehistoric places and remarkable top tourist locations described - as well as being a helpful inspiration guide - when selecting venues for planning tour suggestions in and around Copenhagen. We offer transfers - combined with superior door-to-door sightseeing tours and guided excursions to experience and explore Copenhagen with us!

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Sightseeing - Greater Copenhagen and Sealand - Beyond Copenhagen & Sealand Tours
Sightseeing - Greater Copenhagen and Sealand - Beyond Copenhagen & Sealand Tours
Sightseeing in North Sealand offers Amazing Costal Attractions as Art - Nature and Historic Castles. Louisiana Art Museum - Oresound Coastline - Kronborg & Frederiksborg Castles.
Customised & Exclusive Sightseeing Tours - Greater Copenhagen and Sealand*

Tours - Greater Copenhagen - North Sealand - the Eastern and South Sealand
Outside of Copenhagen there are many exciting venues such as the little fishing village Dragør just 12 km from the city centre - where visitors still can buy fresh fish from the ship side and experience the maze of old fishermen's yellow painted houses - red roofs and cobblestone streets. In North Sealand one will find all the heavyweight top attractions like Kronborg Castle at Elsinore (Hamlet's Castle) from 1590 - then the Royal summer residence Fredensborg Palace at Fredensborg from 1720 - with the huge historical park and baroque garden - and then the largest renaissance castle in Scandinavia - Frederiksborg Castle at Hillerød from 1560 that also houses The Museum of National History. Alongside the eastern coastline to Kronborg are the Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art - situated with a splendid view over Oresund - as well as Sweden and a gem for history and art lovers. Visit the Eremitage Palace in Baroque style from 1734 - and take a horse carriage ride around the beatiful Eremitage Plains and Dyrehaven Woods - near the Bakken - amusement park from 1583 - and the oldest amusement playgrounds in the world. We offer transfers - combined with exclusive door-to-door sightseeing tours and guided excursions - to experience and explore Greater Copenhagen and Sealand with us!

Exclusive Excursions - Eastern and South side of Sealand and the Isle of Møn*
On the very east side of Sealand at the town Kalundborg - the Five Tower Cathedral from around 1200 called Our Lady is beautifully situated facing down to the fjord. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Jægerspris Castle on the Hornsherred peninsula. At Roskilde the great Roskilde Cathedral - built during the 12th and 13th centuries - is a popular attraction - where all the Danish Monarchs are buried since the reformation in 1536. And at the seashores of Roskilde Fjord is the famous Viking Ship Museum - and the Lejre Museum with the Viking Settlement. On the mid east cost of Sealand at Stevns Cliffs - a very remarkable church and popular tourist venue from 1250 is located and called - Højerup Kirke - as half of the church collapsed during a storm and fell down into the sea. The Fjenneslev Church from 1130 and the birthplace of Copenhagen’s creator Bishop Absalon - as well as the Viking Settlement at Trelleborg from around 980 AC - are historical places that are worth a visit. Experience the Sorø Abbey Church and Monastery from 1160 - with Bishop Absalon's burial plot . At the very south of Sealand - at the town of Vordingborg - the high and mighty Goose Tower was built by King Valdemar about 1364 - and was a part of an old fortress. On the Isle of Møn - the great Cliff of Møn is sited. It is Denmark’s highest cliffs being over 6 km long and a ever going tourist magnet - where one can experience 70 million years of history - when the Cliffs rose from the surface - at the time when all of Denmark was literary cover by the sea. We offer transfers - combined with first-class door-to-door sightseeing tours and guided excursions - to experience and explore South Sealand and the Isle of Møn with us!

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Discover Denmark by touring around the country - Denmark Tours

Discover Denmark by touring around the country - Denmark Tours
Discover and Explore the Jutland peninsula - and its many attractions and Historical Places.
Discover Denmark by touring around the country and Fairytale Kingdom
Denmark is Jutland - Sealand - Funen - Lolland-Falster and Bornholm
Denmark is a cute fairytale country and best known as Viking country. In brief - you will find a mix of the best from both worlds - such as modern societies and ancient history. The Danish countryside is filled with beautiful landscapes and coastlines - historical relics of the past - cultural sights - old and new architecture - medieval castles and ancient manors - middle-aged towns and churches - extensive beach areas and natural scenic coastlines - exciting attractions and amusement parks - idyllic old market towns - prehistoric monuments and fishing villages and last but not least modern city life with many thrilling activities and plentiful of experiences. One will find inspiration for planning tour ideas inside Denmark by visiting the pictorial section in our presentation of Denmark under - Glimpse of interesting places in Denmark and some cultural traditions - and experience all the top attractions and historical locations in Denmark - which also will give you a peek into the Danes historical and cultural treasure chest.

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And then there is the rocky isle called Bornholm - with many historical venues and famous round churches as on a string of pearls - gathered on this island way out on the Baltic Sea - where the smoked herring is the National dish. Experience and explore Denmark with us!

Selected venues in Denmark
Select the venues you find interesting - whether it's located in Copenhagen - Århus - Aalborg - Odense or in Jutland - Sealand - Funen - Lolland-Falster and Bornholm - then we will try to fulfil your tour requirements and provide you with the best tour experience ever - when visiting Denmark - or the team at Inbound Travel Service can offer a complete package tour with all the interesting attractions and inspiring venues located all over the Danish countryside and peninsular. Experience and explore Denmark with us!

Outbound Tours & Services

Our Inbound Travel Service Team also offers customised outbound travel services - as cross country roundtrips to Scandinavian Countries trough Denmark - Norway - Sweden and Finland - as well as custom-made tours to neighbouring international destinations outside of Copenhagen and Denmark with luxury busses to Germany and Poland.

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Historical Shore Excursions and Guided Tours beyond Copenhagen*
Louisiana Art Museum
Karen Blixen Museum & Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
- One day trip up north by the scenic coastline of Sealand to Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art. An extraordinary and genuine excursion for Literature and Art Lovers.

- Learn more about world famous author Karen Blixen and visit her birthplace Rungstedlund.

- Experience the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and learn more about the eminent sculpture park facing the sea.

See: Museums

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle
- One day trip to famous Kronborg Castle (Hamlets Castle) from 1574. Visit the Royal apartments and sleeping chambers. The Grand Ballroom and the Kings tapestries. The spooky dungeons and the horrifying casemates - where the national hero "Holger The Dane" is watching over Denmark - and the original Castle Chapel. Experience also the old ramparts that surround the entire Kronborg fortification with beautiful views over the Sound and Sweden. Kronborg Castle is a World Heritage Site.

Kronborg Castle
Roskilde Cathedral
Roskilde Cathedral - Viking Ship Museum & Jægerspris Castle
One day Royal and historical trip to Roskilde Cathedral (Burial Plot for Danish Monarchs since 1536) - and the Viking Ship Museum. Roskilde Cathedral is a World Heritage Site. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Jægerspris Castle on the Hornsherred peninsula - which was a Baroque summer a retreat for King Frederik VII (1808-1863 - King of Denmark 1848-1863) - and his morganatic wife Countess Danner - or to the outstanding Open Air Museum - if preffered - and selected.

See: Roskilde Cathedral

See: Museums

See: Jægerspris Castle

The Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ship Museum - Roskilde
The Viking Ship Museum is located attractively on the seashores of pictureque Roskilde Fjord - where visitor will be taken back to over thousand years of Danish Viking history and splendid ship-building traditions of the Viking Age - as well as the display of five prehistoric ships from the Viking period around 1030-50 A.C.

Learn more about the Danish Vikings and experience more than thousand year old and well preserved Viking Ships.

See: Viking Ship Museum
Frederiksborg Castle
The Flexible Castle Tour & Open Air Museum
- One day inspirational trip to North Sealand visiting Frederiksborg Castle from 1600 and experience all the Royal rooms - chambers and fabulous Knights Hall - then Fredensborg Palace from 1720 (Royal Summer Residence) for a photo session - and then Kronborg Castle (Hamlets Castle) from 1574 - where we will see the ramparts and fortification - and also enjoy the view to Sweden and the Sound. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Jægerspris Castle on the Hornsherred peninsula - which was a Baroque summer retreat for King Frederik VII (1808-1863 - King of Denmark 1848-1863) - and his morganatic wife Countess Danner - or to the outstanding Open Air Museum - if preffered - and selected.

See: Frederiksborg Castle

Stevns Cliff & Church
Møns Cliff

The South Sealand Tour
- Visit Fjenneslev Church from 1130 - with its remarkable and fascinating history. The church is also the birthplace of Copenhagen’s creator Bishop Absalon. After Fjenneslev - then continue to the famous Højerup Church from 1250 - located today at the edge of Stevns Cliff - where the choir collapsed in 1928 - and fell into the water - with parts of the graveyard and some of the grave monuments too. Then the tour continues further to the Isle of Møns Cliff - Denmark’s highest cliff - which is nearly 130 metres over sea level - and stretches over 6 km alongside the coastline. Møns Cliff was created over 75 million years ago - and offers the most fantastic panoramic view over Oresound - and Baltic Sea - and in really clear weather - one will experience Sweden and Germany in the horizon. The excursion can be combined with a stop at the Viking Ring Fortress "Trelleborg" from 980 AC - built by the Danish King Harald Bluetooth - "Who won the whole of Denmark and Norway - and turned the Danes into Christianity."

See: Stevns Cliff & Church

Top Attractions - Beyond Copenhagen

Special Transfers - Door-to-Door Transportation - and Personal Guided Tour Service
Our Bus Capacity covers the largest fleet in Denmark of Luxury Tour Coaches and Vehicles of various sizes.

Luxury ground transportation services
Copenhagen-Portal - Inbound Travel Service and our selected partners offers a vide range of luxury busses for excursions and tours that can match any type of bus charter service required. We can provide Conference busses - Double-deckers - VIP-busses - Executive coaches - Luxury minivans - Tour busses etc - and all of our transport vehicles and busses are equipped with all sorts of modern equipment - and approved according to the latest safety and environmental regulations.

Tourist Guide Service
Our Personal Guide services on our customised excursions in Copenhagen and around Denmark are conducted by multilingual tourist and tour guides.

Private & Special Transfers - Airport - City - Countryside - Cruise Terminals
We provide private and special transfers - meet & greet service - and door to door transportation from the airport - or to and from the cruise terminals - often combined with a guided tour programme & excursion in and around Copenhagen or trough the countryside - as well as other types of special arrangements - and personal services - as waiting for our customers at the airport - and meeting them there. We also offer large group transfers - sport team collections - transportation of crews and conference delegates etc. - and provide a logistic program with smooth handling and execution. We can assure to accomplish any kind of luxury ground transportation services by customizing the activities to our clients needs - occasion and satisfaction. We always offer special transfers from the airport to the hotel or cruise terminals combined with other services during the customers stay in Copenhagen.

VIP Service
We provide VIP Service and hotel transfer - as well as special luxury transport around Copenhagen and to Malmö - Sweden.

Helicopter and Flight Service
We provide custom flights with helicopter or by air charter flights to nearly any destination within Denmark and southern Sweden. Sightseeing tours over Copenhagen with helicopter or aerial photography - weddings - team building - incentive tours - real estate inspections - special events - or other special occasions.

Windjammers and old wooden Schooners
Take the opportunity - while visiting a city with plentiful of water around it - to sail on the sea with an old windjammer or wooden schooner - out on the waves of the Sound. Hold a business seminar or a relaxed leisure gathering with lunch served - while touring the beautiful coast of north Sealand and the Swedish seashores.

Speciality and expertise
Our speciality and expertise are Incentive programmes & solutions. Guided Excursions & Tours - Conferences & Receptions. But most of all - our speciality is also to take care of our customers - while they stay in Copenhagen and Denmark.

Contact us!
Please Contact us and tell us what you are seeking and how we can help - as we offer a wide range of tailor made and customised Inbound Travel Services. We will then study your feedback and estimated budget together with our inbound performance program and send you a proposal - as all requests are individually composed and organized.
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