Kronborg Castle - Hamlets Castle - Kronborg Slot

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Kronborg Castle - Hamlets Castle
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Kronborg Castle is Hamlets Castle - Kronborg Slot
Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Slot) is surrounded by a fortress area with military barracks - and located right on the seashores of Elsinore city. This Renaissance edifice built by King Frederik II - from 1574 to 1584 - is placed strategically near the entrance to the narrow Sound between Sweden and Denmark. ©
ronborg Castle - Kronborg Slot
Kronborg Castle or Hamlets Castle - immortalised by Shakespeare - is situated at Helsingør or "Elsinore" and built by King Frederik II from 1574 to 1584 (King from 1559-1588 - ruled Denmark and Norway). After the fire in 1629 - his son the great builder among Danish Kings Christian IV (King from 1577-1648 - ruled Denmark and Norway 1588-1648) completed the building of Kronborg Castle in 1638. Kronborg Castle is built on the spit of North Sealand - and placed at the entrance of Oresound (Øresund) - which was the ideal position to collect Sound Duties from ships entering the narrow Strait between Sweden and Denmark to secure state taxes and revenues - but was also built as a fortress to defend the Kingdom of Denmark.
irst the "Krogen" Fortress - (The Hook) - then Kronborg Castle
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"Krogen" & Kronborg Castle
The first Castle on the premises was built by the Danish King Erik of Pomerania around 1420 (King of Denmark 1396–1439) - and best known in Denmark as "King Erik 7. af Pommern". The new fortress was named “Krogen” (The Hook) - and was mainly constructed to gather Sound Tolls from vessels using the waters of Oresund - when passing through the small strait - but also as a defensible Royal residence. After the decease of King Erik of Pomerania in 1439 - the medieval “Krogen” fortification was left and forgotten by the Danish Monarchs for a period until King Frederik II - nearly 140 years after - started to restore and renovate the dusty and rusty buildings around 1574 - with the aim to turn the former Castle “Krogen” into a modern Renaissance residence for the Royal family and household - and named it "Kronborg" - (Crown Castle) - which still should function as a well-organized and more efficient stronghold to continue to collect Sound duties from ships passing through or across the most narrow part of Oresound. Furthermore the new castle was rebuilt with higher and stronger ramparts plus deeper moats to achieve an impregnable fortification together with military based bastions connecting the entire fortress. When the Castle was completed in 1585 - it was a well-functioning and regular four-wing Royal Edifice and a three story high building construction - assembled with yellow sandstone throughout. A newborn landmark right on the spit of North Sealand was a reality - with a lighthouse to guide the sailing traffic on the valuable and profitable strait of Oresound. Some remains - ruins and brick walls of the former “Krogen” Castel - still exist under the foundations of Kronborg Castle.
King Frederik II and "Kronborg"
King Frederik II inspecting the rebuilding and renovation of Kronborg Castle in 1584 - with a plan of the premises on his lap. Painting by Nikolaj Abildgaard.
The Oresound Toll Station and Castle
Ships passing trough the strait of Oresound was forced to pay a Toll to the tax collectors at Kronborg Castle. Painting by Johan Jacob Bruun - 1739.
ronborg Castle Burns
Being an architectural pearl near the Sound as a fortress and Royal residence - Kronborg Castle was ravaged by a very heavy fire in 1629 - and only the Church Chapel plus some few ground floor apartments - as King Eric of Pomerania's Sleeping Chambers - as well as King Frederik IIs Wine Cellar was luckily saved after this catastrophic and devastating incident. King Frederik II’ son King Christian IV - excavated the remains of the site and started the rebuilding and restoration of Kronborg Castle in Renaissance Style with new interior and decorations as it appears today. From around 1700 - the Castle was no longer used as a Royal residence and in 1790 - the Danish army took over the entire property and renewed some of the buildings - and turned several into military barracks. In 1923 the army left the premises - and since a continuing restoration of the castle has taken place.
Kronborg Castle and its favourable location
Kronborg is strategically placed as a fortress surrounded by ramparts and army barracks on the spit of north Sealand by the entrance to Oresound that is only 4 km wide at this location.
Kronborg completed in 1558
Kronborg Castle was completed around 1585 - and here is the entrance to the west tower from 1584 - constructed one year before the completion with the Kings monogram.
World Heritage List
Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Slot) was added to the World Heritage List year 2000 - by the UN organization UNESCO - and is now a member of the world's cultural legacy.
The Knights Hall - The longest Hall in Europe
At the North Wing of the Castle is the Great Ballroom or Knights Hall at Kronborg Castle from 1582. The Hall is almost 63 meters long - and the longest hall in Europe. The floor is decorated with Swedish marble. The big renaissance door on the right leads to the Queens private chambers. The walls are decorated with a series of large historical paintings - from 1618 and 1631.
The Chapel at Kronborg Castle - 1582
The Chapel at Kronborg Castle with the original interior and the pew on the left gallery for the King and Royal family from 1582 - and during the reign of King Frederik II. The baroque organ is from the period of his son King Christian IV. The Chapel was the only building that survived the fires in 1629 - and still functions as a Parish Church and romantic Wedding Chapel.
olger Danske - The Legend of Kronborg
Holger Danske or "Holger the Dane" is an important national symbol for all Danes - and his statue is placed in the dark Casemates of Kronborg. He is visited by several hundred thousand Danes and tourists every year. The myth from 1495 - and ancient Danish history tells us - that Holger Danske - the Danes national hero - will wake up to defend and rescue his country - if Denmark ever should be in danger by invading foreign intruders or intervening enemies that can harm or threaten the Danish kingdom and the Danes. And some visitors claim - that they have seen him move a bit - while impatiently preparing for action.
The private royal rooms
One of King Christian IV's private rooms and modest quarters at Kronborg. Simply furnished on the wooden floors - with historical artefacts - original interior and ceiling from his time.
"Holger the Dane" - Legendary National Hero
The statue of the sleeping Danish national Hero "Holger the Dane" in the dungeons of Kronborg. "Holger Danske" will wake up to defend and rescue his country if Denmark ever should be in danger.
amlet - is the Question?
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Yes - Hamlet is the Question?
Kronborg Castle is one of the top tourist attractions and historical venues in Denmark - and every year the setting of William Shakespeare's many plays - and among them the famous tragedy "Hamlet" - Prince of Denmark - is performed in the courtyard of the Castle - as an open air stage performance in authentic and medieval surroundings that sparks a primordial atmosphere in this very truly Royal Renaissance environment. Shakespeare immortalized Kronborg Castle by writing the play and catastrophe of "Hamlet" - and Kronborg Castle was then best known by the public and tourists as "Hamlets Castle". And as Hamlet approaches his trustful friend and protestant theologian Horatio in the play and says “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio - Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” - the visitors at Kronborg Castle can then choose to stand in the middle of the courtyard beside the wishing well with these famous lines in mind - and then also thoughtfully think or philosophise more meditatively over if “To Be - or not to Be” is actually the question - or is it Shakespeare's character of Hamlet - the erratic and melancholic Prince of Denmark that is the honest question - while surrounded by the majestic and historic walls of Kronborg Castle - and then memorising the bustling life of the always large and intriguing royal court and household chained to all Danish Royalties that once was present in this magnificent setup in genuine renaissance influenced surroundings - which furthermore is a very important and legendary part of world literature - ongoing storytelling and countless theatrical revivals immortalized by William Shakespeare.
“To be or not to be - that is the question"
Famous actor Sarah Bernhardt performing as Hamlet with Yorick's skull in 1885 - probably quoting the legendary soliloquy “To be or not to be - that is the question" from the play of Hamlet - and quoted by numerous actors millions of times ever since.
“There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark”
“There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark” - as Denmark has been rewarded several times with the honourable label of being the best country in the world to live in - with the happiest and most satisfied people living on this lovely planet called earth.
here is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark
When visitors come to Denmark - and select a stopover at majestic Kronborg Castle - then mostly everyone will disagree with the Shakespearean remarks in the Hamlet Play - “That Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” - which Shakespeare - if he was living in this century would have reformulated to “There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark”- as this cute and beautiful little nation situated on a very attractive latitude and hemisphere - has been rewarded several times with the "honourable" label - but for the Danes a “humble” title - of being the best country in the world to live in - with the happiest and most satisfied people on this astonishing planet called earth.

See: Happy Danes

nd just for the record - William Shakespeare and Denmark
William Shakespeare (23 April 1564 - 23 April 1616) never visited Denmark or Kronborg Castle - and Hamlet was never a “Prince of Denmark”. One of the inspirations for William Shakespeare writing the play of Hamlet - was the History of Denmark written and published by Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus - who tells the story and legend about Amled - a Prince of Jutland - in his “Danish Chronicles” that were written just before year 1200. And Shakespeare selected Kronborg Castle for his on location play of Hamlet - due to the widespread reputation of Kronborg Castle among Royalties and Prominent Nobilities in Europe - as being the subject to outrageous and immoral court live - supported by an ecstatic and frivolous sovereign together with a devoted and spirited royal household that arranged and participated in tremendous - glamorous plus wild luxurious parties - together with outstanding masquerades - and a royal household that was surrounded with intrigues - gossip and decadent manners. And this is just for the record about William Shakespeare - Hamlet - Kronborg Castle - as well as a cute and delightful little nation called Denmark.
Hamlet at Kronborg Castle
The setting of William Shakespeare's famous tragedy Hamlet is occasionally performed at Kronborg Castle in historical surroundings - and is a historic experience for all spectators. Kronborg Castle.
The former Royal Castle Kronborg
Tourists flock by thousands and visit the former Royal Castle Kronborg every year - and the yellow sandstone walls have a rustic and very inviting appearance - that can tell endless stories.
Shakespeare at Kronborg
William Shakespeare's immortal play Hamlet - Prince of Denmark at Kronborg Castle - has turned Kronborg Castle into “Hamlets Castle” - and the play has trilled thousands during the past.
Shakespeare & Hamlet
Hamlet & Kronborg Castle

When William Shakespeare introduced his later world famous play “The Tragedy of Hamlet - Prince of Denmark” or best known in brief as “Hamlet” around 1600 - it was played for the first time about 1605 in the UK - and in 1816 the play of “Hamlet” was presented for the first time in the “Canon Hall” at Kronborg Castle to commemorated the 200th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. “Hamlet” has occasionally been performed at Kronborg Castle on an open air stage in the primeval Courtyard of the castle.

Famous Shakespearean performers at Kronborg
Many famous British and international Shakespearean actors have performed at Kronborg Castle including Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh - Sir John Gielgud and Richard Burton - Christopher Plummer and Derek Jacobi - Kenneth Branagh - Simon Russell Beale and Jude Law.

To be - or not to be - that’s certainly

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Your next Conference - Banquet and Event Venue!

ome to Denmark - and visit Kronborg Castle
- when planning your next Event!

Before deciding or planning the final location for any type of Event - Gala Dinner - Conference - Sales Meeting - Wedding Reception - Incentive Program etc. - we propose a visit to Kronborg Castle - and experience how this former Royal Castle and Historical Edifice will have positive influence - when presenting new ideas - business concepts - sales initiatives - or celebrating special jubilee anniversaries - followed up by an eventful candlelight gala dinner-dance - as well as other attractive arrangements and rewarding end of the day leisure and team activities. The exclusive conference facilities cater for meetings of up to 180 persons - and some rooms are equipped with the latest audio visual equipment plus modern furnishing - which is also in great harmony with the surrounding medieval brick walls. If an Event requires a more spacious appearance - The Great Knights Hall from 1582 - also called the renaissance Ball Room offers an area for up to 420 seating guests. In the process of working out a tentative budget and quotation for any type of arrangements - we can arrange for a site inspection on location to evaluate this architectural peal and former military bastion on the tip of North Sealand - which is a landmark of the Sound between Denmark and Sweden - and allows the reputation of Kronborg Castle to be as one of the famous and biggest Renaissance Castles in the world.

Kronborg Castle is situated 65 km. from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup - and 50 km. from Copenhagen.

Other Come to Denmark & Historical Event Venues Rent A Historical Venue
Rent Kronborg Castle - Rent a Royal Castle - Kronborg Slot
King Frederik IIs Wine Cellar
King Frederik IIs authentic Wine Cellar from 1559 - for gala dinners and exclusive banquets.
Kronborg Guided Tours
As a bonus using Kronborg Castle for any type of arrangement - then all events can start with an exciting grand tour of Kronborg Castle - conducted by experienced guides and very inspiring storytelling.
The Kings Sleeping Chambers

The rusticated stone walls in the sleeping chambers of King Eric of Pomerania provide a rich medieval ambience for the conference delegates or a candlelight dinner party.

The Queens Laundry
Conference venue in the Queens old laundry premises for washing and drying the royal clothing in the Middle Age.
The Great Knights Hall
The Great Knights Hall from 1582 - is supreme for hosting large and excellent dinner parties - or serving welcome drinks in historical settings. The hall facilities offer a capacity up to 420 persons.
Theme Parties - Masquerade Ball
The Great Knights Hall is ideal for all types of Theme Party solutions - Masquerade Ball arrangements and Historic Renaissance Dinners in authentic historical surroundings - with an atmosphere from 1582.
A Royal Site for your next Event and Arrangement
Historical Kronborg Castle - built way back during the artistic and stylish Renaissance period in 1574 - has open the castle gates and premises to hold your next Reception - Anniversary - Conference - Banquet - Gala Dinner - Sales Meeting - Renaissance Buffet - Dinner Dance - Theme Party or other types of fashionable and trendy arrangements and events in the very heart of this well preserved renaissance castle - where all guests and participants can suck up the presence of history and Middle Age atmosphere - while the thick raw brick walls hide and can tell many true stories of the hectic - dramatic and prestige lifestyle at Kronborg Castle.

Historic and rustic surroundings
Come to Kronborg with your party - and sense the historic and rustic surroundings that will make your arrangement outstanding with a special inspiring treat - and a touch of intimate and royal ambience. This royal site offers the best from both worlds - a historical location with modern event facilities - and an overwhelming experience combined with some unforgettable moments.

A venue with numerous possibilities
We can help you to plan and organize your future arrangement with solutions that will match your specific requirements - as we have the unique venues at Kronborg Castle for distinctive activities and events with numerous possibilities - such as a trumpet fanfare from the high tower - welcoming your precious guests - Hamlet reciting Shakespeare live - renaissance music with oboe and harp - Danish ballet & gracious ballerinas - the castle jester & everlasting fool - the Kronborg cannons saluting by historic 18 pounder artillery cannons - a gorgeous torchlight avenue - or serving welcome drinks on top of the Cannon Tower or Flag Bastion alongside the columns of the old bronze Cannons from 1766 - with a spectacular view over the beautiful Oresound to Sweden - or serving a appetizing aperitif in the Great Knights Hall - followed by a memorable candlelight gala dinner - with delicious gourmet dishes and pleasant music specially tuned to the arrangement.

Exciting tour and spooky dungeons
As an extra dimension and bonus added to your reception - conference - business meeting or other festivities - then all arrangements can start with an exciting grand tour of Kronborg Castle - and its many towers - while feeling the presence of royalties and legendary Hamlet - and then end the Kronborg exploration trough the spooky dungeons to the horrifying casemates themselves - where the Danish national hero Holger the Dane is watching over Denmark.

Exclusive Events and Banquets
Conferences - Gala Dinners - Exclusive Events - Wedding Receptions can easily be arranged for 25 - and up to 420 persons at Kronborg Castle - which will make a participant feel the stately and Royal atmosphere of this famous historical venue - and at the same time soak up centuries of astonishing moments and many celebrated occasion from the medieval age up to our time (1 person can also order and use the premises if required - but minimum payment is still for 25 persons). The huge and beautifully decorated Knights Hall - also called the Grand Ballroom that is just oozing with culture - glamour - style - and an imperative part of Danish history - offers a capacity up to 420 seating persons - and perfect for huge dining events - as well as hosting glamourous dinner parties. For exclusive events and banquets - the more intimate Royal
Sleeping Chambers of King Eric of Pomerania from 1420 - offers space for up to 80 participants. King Frederik IIs wine Cellar from 1585 - has a capacity of 140 seating guests. The old rustic chamber of Axel Gyldenstjerne from 1540 - is suitable for 60 delegates. And last but not least the authentic premises of the Queen’s Laundry facilities for laundering and drying the royal clothing in ancient times - has room for 60 persons attending a conference - sales meeting or candlelight gala dinner - while imagining steaming hot water and foam - plus the local ambience of hefty washing and scrubbing - while providing a clean scent of splash and soap that still slightly remains all over the site.

“Once in a lifetime experience”
Kronborg is a completely unique and exquisite setting for any event. The castle and fortress pulsate with history - and a special vibe no matter the occasion. But Kronborg is far more than that. Here you have the preference to surprise your guests as a generous host - and give them a historical “once in a lifetime experience and opportunity” - they never will forget.

Event Management - Transport - Lodging and Sightseeing
We provide a complete event management and conference service programme at every stage of the planning and implementation of our customers arrangement at Kronborg Castle - as well as arranging transport from Copenhagen with luxury busses - or offer a nights stay at a nearby 4-star accommodation on the finest seashores of northern Sealand. Sightseeing via Sweden to Copenhagen is a possible option and experience. Kronborg Castle is a stone's throw from Elsinore city that is bursting with life - energy - vitality - history and history in the making.

Kronborg is a State Property - and a World Heritage Site
Kronborg Castle is a property of the Danish state - and the property authority and administration at Kronborg must approve any range of events and arrangements in the planning stage. Kronborg Castle is under the management of The National Museum of Denmark that offers a wide variety of cultural adventures and a fantastic collection of museums spread all over the Kingdom of Denmark.

Kronborg facilities
The Great Ballroom (Knights Hall)
King Frederik II’s Wine Cellar
King Eric of Pomerania’s Chamber
Axel Gyldenstjerne’s Chamber
The Pharmacy (Apotheket)
The Queens Washing House
The Little Hall
The Lounge
The Audience Hall (Palatinet)
The Castle Church
Den Lille Sal
Frederik II ’s Vinkælder
Erik af Pommerns Kammer
Axel Gyldenstjernes Kammer
Dronningens Vaskehus
Kronborg Slotskirke

Kronborg Castle - Your next Conference - Banquet and Event Venue!

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Tour appetizer and inspiration
This presentation of Kronborg Castle - is just an appetizer and a source of inspiration for touring to a genuine Danish Cultural Heritage. Kronborg Castle is one of the leading attractions and historical venues in Denmark.

Kronborg - Copenhagen.
Kronborg Castle is situated near the city of Elsinore or "Helsingør" in Danish - and 50 km from Copenhagen.

Opening Hours
May-September: 10.30 to 17.00
October-April: Closed on Mondays

The Maritime Museum
Same opening hours as the Castle

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
The Maritime Museum is located near Kronborg Castle. The Maritime Museum portrays the history of Danish shipping and naval history from the Renaissance up to the present.


Nostalgic & Vintage Poster promoting Kronborg & Helsingborg.
Medieval Elsinore
Many ferries are commuting over the busy 4 km Oresound between Denmark and Sweden with Kronborg Castle as their aid to navigate in the inland waterways of this narrow Strait.
elsingør or "Elsinore" City
Helsingør City or "Elsinore" town is situated right on the northern spit of Sealand - and on the narrowest part of Oresound with only 4 km to Sweden. The distance between Helsingør and Copenhagen is over 50 km. The population of the city is around 50,000 - and the name of the city derives from the word "narrow strait". Helsingør in founded around 1420 by the Danish King Eric of Pomerania - who established the Sound Dues in 1429 - and built the castle “Krogen” - which was rebuild successively in the 1570s - by King Frederik II - after a heavy fire - and named it Kronborg. Helsingør is a medieval city with old timbered houses and cobble stoned streets in the inner part of the town. Helsingør is also a thriving city with ferries transporting commuters back and fourth on the busy Strait between Denmark and Sweden. Kronborg Castle also called - "Hamlets Castle" - named after the tragedy play “Hamlet” written by William Shakespeare 1602. Kronborg Castle is the main tourist attraction that gathers thousands and thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.

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