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Dining - Eating and Drinking
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"I’ve travel all over the world and had many Culinary Experiences - but sometimes I must thank heaven for Hamburgers - Hotdogs or Fish and Chips" - and especially the juicy "red Danish sausages".
George B. Moller
Restaurants and Eating Places

Sophisticated gourmet meals to casual eateries
Copenhagen has like all other metropolis a wide variety of restaurants and eating places spread all over the city - and dining can in this diverse and vibrant city range from sophisticated gourmet meals to classical haute cuisine as well as traditional Scandinavian dishes to simple fast food at all price levels. Copenhagen offers trendy and top quality restaurants - Danish “Smørrebrød” restaurants - Copenhagen cafés - steakhouses and seafood venues - casual eateries and local delicacies. All restaurants serve alcohol.

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2000 R
estaurants & 14 MICHELIN rated
The Copenhagen area has more than 2000 restaurants - where 14 are MICHELIN rated with one - two and three stars. Many restaurants are located in the city centre around - The town hall square - Tivoli Gardens - Central Station - Nyhavn and the ethnic restaurants near Vesterbro and Nørrebro.

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Pubs and Micro Breweries
Pubs and Micro breweries
Copenhagen has a dozen top-class beer bars - several brewpubs and beer shops and Copenhagen is becoming one of Europe’s top-beer destinations and many of the beer bars have eating facilities. All supermarkets have an excellent selection of quality beers in all categories. Beer is called “Øl” in Danish”. Drinking beer and consuming alcohol is a part of the Danish drinking culture - and has been it for several generations.

The Danish Drinking Culture
Drinking beer and consuming alcohol is a part of the Danish drinking culture - and has been it for many many generations. Properly the Danish Vikings started the process by inventing their very strong drink called "Mjød" - produced by fermenting a solution of water and honey with grain mash - a potent kind of strong beer with a very high alcohol present. The Vikings just had to have some kind of “Firewater” with their heavy meals. The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of “Mjød” dates to around 700 AC - and has ever since followed the various recipes from the Danish breweries production of beer - and the Danes taste of the most common beer type - pale lager - simply known as "Pilsner" in Danish.

Micro breweries

Copenhagen has nearly 20 micro breweries spread in and outside the city where one can enjoy fresh cool home brewed beer in many varieties and of all sorts - just a venue for beer lovers and enthusiasts. Most of the micro breweries have restaurant and eating facilities. The first micro breweries opened in Copenhagen in 2003 with 12-15 varieties of beer and brew up to 20-30,000 litres of beer annually. At the present Danish breweries and micro breweries produce more than 700 million litres and sell more than 7,000 million litres of beer annually giving Denmark the lead for having the most breweries per capita than anywhere else in the world. Still Carlsberg and Tuborg brews are the most well known among beer fans.

Wine and Alcohol

Wine and alcohol
Wine is very popular in Denmark - and Denmark is a country of wine drinkers - especially at dinner time. The Danes drink all types of red and white wine from all parts of the world - and every wine lover can experience to find a great wine selection at restaurants - and at the supermarkets too - where shelves are stacked with a variety of wine bottles and a must to visit for any wine connoisseur. In Denmark there are a vide selection of alcoholic beverage - and alcohol has been a part of the Danish Culture for more than 1000 years.

Inbound Travel Service - World class catering & gourmet food options
In connection with our involvement in different types of arrangements - we carefully select the appropriate eating venue for our guest as well as world class catering supply and gourmet food options for the conference - event or festive occasion.

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Please contact us and tell us what you are seeking and how we can help - as we offer a wide range of tailor made and customized Inbound Travel Services. We will then study your feedback and estimated budget together with our inbound performance program and send you a proposal - as all requests are individually composed and organized.
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