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Joint Venture Packages and Incentive Programs
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"Fly me to the moon - and let me stay among the stars - A trip we can’t offer at the present - but Frank Sinatra immortalised it!"  
George B. Moller
Joint Venture Packages and Incentive Programs
Joint Venture Packages and Incentive Programs
Our Joint Venture packages and programs ensure that customers will be nursed and taken care of from the time of arrival to Copenhagen until the final friendly farewell. By using our program with different joint venture arrangements - a team of experienced guides have already performed the following preparations to secure that the traveller or group of visitors receive first class treatment in all stages during their stay by providing in brief:
Yes - meeting you in Denmark - combining Business and pleasure that is part of our Joint Venture Packages and Incentive Programs.
  Joint Venture Packages and Incentive Programs

Appropriate transport and logistics

Book the perfectly located hotel

Finding the ideal conference venue

Planning and organizing Conference

Delegate hosting and accommodation

Suitable transfers - from arrival to departure

Sightseeing tours and excursions

Multi-Linguist Guides

Hostesses and translators

Event planning and staffing

Teambuilding and teamwork

Restaurant and catering service

Conducting entertainment programs

Cruise conferences

Farewell party


This is what we call the total inbound travel service and Joint Venture package - and part of our incentive program.
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Please contact us by and tell us what you are seeking and how we can help - as we offer a wide range of tailor made and customized Inbound Travel Services. We will then study your feedback and estimated budget together with our inbound performance program and send you a proposal - as all requests are individually composed and organized.
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