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Free entry to: The National Gallery - The National Museum - Open Air Museum and Resistance Museum!
Danish Art & History
The Danish National Gallery displays 700 years of Western art and Danish cultural history in an old palace mansion from 1896.
The National Gallery

Art & History - A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage

Free Entry - All year round!

The Danish National Gallery is permanently exhibiting 700 years of Western art and Danish cultural history. The collection includes works by Tizian and Mantegna - Rubens and Rembrandt - and many more famous painters and other international artists.

A special collection is present with Danish artists and painters from the Golden Age era. Such as Eckersberg and Købke - and 20th century artists such as Henri Matisse - Edvard Munch - Emil Nolde - as well as the Danish artists Asger Jorn - Per Kirkeby and many more.

The National Gallery

History of the Danes
At the National Museum visitors can follow the history of the Danes right up to the present day.
The Sun Chariot from the 13th century is a national symbol and relic displayed at the National Museum.
The National Museum

Danish History -
and A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage!

Free Entry - All year round!

The National Museum is Denmark’s largest museum of Danish cultural history. The museum's main domicile is a classical 18th century palace mansion - and is the museum for all of Denmark - where you can follow the history of the Danes right up to the present day.

The Sun Chariot from the 13th century - and the Golden Horns of Gallehus from the early 5th century are national symbols and relics that draw visitors from all over the world to experience and admire.


The National Museum


Danish Cultural Heritage
Old farmhouse from 18th century.
The Open Air Museum

Danish History - and A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage!

Free Entry - All year round!

The Open Air Museum north of Copenhagen is one of the largest and oldest in the world. The Museum Spread across 86 acres of land - and today the museum houses more than 50 farms - mills and houses from the period 1650-1950. The Open Air Museum has free admission and is a must for every tourist!

Open Air Museum

Occupation of Denmark in 1940-45
Self made resistance vehicle in use 1945 - exhibited outside at the Resistance Museum.
The Danish Resistance Museum

History of the Occupation and Danish Resistance!

Free Entry - All year round!

The museum tells the story of Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation 1940-1945. It springs from an exhibition called Fighting Denmark - arranged by the Resistance Council in the summer of 1945. In 1957 a permanent museum was opened on the present location. The exhibition you see today was inaugurated in 1995 - with authentic photos - weapons - ID cards - uniforms and much more.

The Museum of Danish Resistance was raged by a devastating fire on April 28. - 2013. The museum building suffered massive damage - and it is presently uncertain - if the property can be saved and rebuilt. Fortunately - no historical artefacts or priceless objects were damaged by the fire.

Danish Resistance Museum


Copenhagen's Museum
The City Museum houses a vast collection of art and artefacts that tells the history of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen City Museum

History of Copenhagen!

Free Entry - Every Friday

The City Museum of Copenhagen shows fascinating works of art - models - interiors photographs and artefacts related to the history of Copenhagen that were gathered at the onset of the 20th century and stored in the capital's new City Hall. These collections have been continually expanded upon throughout the 21st century. The Museum of Copenhagen's areas of responsibility and assignments in relation to the city of Copenhagen have also grown in size and depth during this period.

The Museum of Copenhagen was housed in the attic of Copenhagen's City Hall up until the 1950s - when it was transferred to the former premises of the Royal Shooting Society on Vesterbro. The documentation of the loners of Copenhagen has always been part of the Museum's collections - as of Søren A. Kierkegaard one of the world's famous Copenhageners and Danes - or of the Pastime Maid and other original street characters.

City Museum

Museum of Sculptures
Statue of Polish General Poniatowski - from 1846. The president Palace - Warsaw.
The sculpture of Christ is one of the most popular works of Thorvaldsen - and placed at Copenhagen’s Cathedral.
Thorvaldsens Museum

Collection of art -
sculptures - paintings - antique objects - books etc!

Free Entry - Every Wednesday

The Bertel Thorvaldsen Sculpture Museum with works of Danish Sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) - showing his collection of paintings and sculptures.

Visitor will experience Pope Pius 7th plaster monument that was modelled 1824-25 - by Bertel Thorvaldsen - and unveiled in the marble in St Peter’s Church in 1831. The huge marble monument can be admired at the tomb of Pope Pius 7th in St. Peter's Cathedral and Basilica - Vatican City - Rome. Pope Pius 7th was pope from 1800 to his death in 1823.

Thorvaldsen’s sculpture - depicting Christ - was one of the most popular works of Bertel Thorvaldsen. The sculpture depicts the resurrected Christ revealing himself to the congregation with marks on his hands and feet from the crucifixion. The sculpture of Christ in marble is placed at the high alter at Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of Our Lady) also named Copenhagen’s Cathedral together with the marbles sculptures of the 12 disciples and the baptismal font.

Thorvaldsens Museum


Sculptures and Paintings
There is a wide collections of sculptures and a broad art collection of genuine paintings and art.
Claude Monet - Flood at Giverny - Oil on canvas - 1896-1897- is a part of the art collection at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Extensive collections of Sculptures and Paintings

Free Entry - Every Sunday

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with its beautiful sub-tropical Winter Garden - and extensive collections of sculptures and paintings surrounded by a museum building created in the fine art of classicism and inaugurated in 1897 - is a place of art and culture in Copenhagen.

A broad art collection of genuine paintings by famous Impressionists like Monet - Renoir - Degas - Cézanne - and other leading Post Impressionists as van Gogh - Toulouse-Lautrec - Paul Gauguin etc. - are well represented too - and on display in the new building.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Danish Art & Master Painters
A nude woman doing her hair before a mirror. C.W. Eckersberg - 1841.
P.S. Krøyer's famous masterpiece - Summer evening on the beach at Skagen. Portraying the painter and his wife 1899.
The Hirschsprung Collection

Genuine Danish Art from the19th and early 20th century

Free Entry - Every Wednesday

The Hirschsprung Collection is beautifully situated in the green parklands of the Østre Anlæg on the old ramparts of Copenhagen. The museum houses Heinrich and Pauline Hirschsprung's collection of Danish art - and first opened its doors to the public in the summer of 1911.

As a collector - Henrich Hirschsprung was influenced by the naturalistic view of art of his day - the aim of which was to create a sober sense of reality. He saw the Golden Age in the same light - but at the same time he was able to go along with the change to a symbolist style in the 1890s - and he early had an eye for the artistic qualities in the otherwise unheeded sketches.
At the Museum - one will experience works of Danish Master Painters like: P.S. Krøyer - C.W. Eckersberg - Michael Ancher - Anna Ancher - J.Th. Lundbye - Christen Købke - Kristian Zahrtmann - Vilhelm Hammershøi - L.A. Ring and many more celebrities from the magnificent Danish art world from past centuries.

The Hirschsprung Collection

*Except for Special Exhibitions
Royal Summer Residence
Rosenborg Castle from 1606 - and the beautiful King's Garden was build and established by King Christian IV - as his summer residence.
The Crown of King Christian V - and Queen Charlotte Amalie from 1670 - are kept safely in the castle cellar.
Rosenborg Castle - King Christian IVs Castle

Rosenborg is a Part of Royal Danish history - and Danish Cultural Heritage!

A Renaissance Summer Residence
He built Rosenborg - He lived all his life at Rosenborg - He died at his beloved Rosenborg. And most of his adult life - King Christian IV just adored his favourite summer residence - Rosenborg Castle. Here you will find royal history - antique work of art - royal artefacts and ornaments - plus a beautiful park area - called the King's Garden (Kongens Have). The castle museum enlightens the history of the Danish Oldenburg Kings & dynasty through 300 years.

The Crown Jewels - Museum
In 1838 - Rosenborg Castle was opened as a museum to the public together with the Royal Crown Jewels - as well as the Danish Crown Regalia that is kept safely in the castle cellars.

A Great Tourist attraction
The Rosenborg renaissance castle and royal museum is a great tourist attraction in Copenhagen - and located in the centre of the town. The King's Garden is the oldest royal garden in Denmark - which also was established in renaissance style by King Christian IV. The royal park and garden area is a very popular retreat and haven for Copenhageners and tourists - and is visited by an estimated of 2.5 million people every year.

Rosenborg Castle - King Christian IVs Castle
The Glücksborg Dynasty
The Amalienborg Museum displays the private royal apartments from 1863 up to 1972 - covering the Glücksborg Dynasty's lifestyle.
Amalienborg Museum - King Christian VIII's Palace

Royal History through Genrations!

King Christian VIII's Palace houses the Amalienborg Museum that displays the history of the Glücksborg Dynasty - as well as their private royal apartments from 1863 up to 1972 - including the original furnishings for each royal quarter - plus many exiting artefacts and robes - which was collected during centuries.

Amalienborg Museum - King Christian VIII's Palace

Museums Beyond Copenhagen
The Ark - Arken Museum
The Museum of Modern Art is situated 20 km from Copenhagen.
The Ark - ARKEN Museum

A Museum of Modern Art
on the seashores of Oresound!

Just 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of Copenhagen is The ARKEN Museum of Modern Art situated. The modern art collection comprises more than 300 works of art. The main part of them can be seen in ARKEN's permanent exhibition.

The ARKEN collects Danish - Nordic and international art with special emphasis on contemporary art from 1990 onwards.

ARKEN Museum - The Ark

Modern Art at the Sound
Enjoy modern art in fresh air - and panoramic view across the Oresund at Louisiana.
Louisiana offers the latest international contemporary art and 4-6 temporary exhibitions every year in the series Louisiana Contemporary.
Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art

Modern Art - And a panoramic view across the Oresund

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across the Oresund. The museum frames the sculpture park facing the sea - and the interaction between art - nature and the museum architecture is quite unique.

Louisiana is an international museum with a considerable collection of modern art. The museum’s permanent collection includes more than 3000 works - and is one of the largest in Scandinavia. The collection takes its point of departure in the period after 1945 - including famous artists like Picasso - Giacometti - Dubuffet - Yves Klein - Andy Warhol - Rauschenberg - Henry Moore - Louise Bourgeois - Philip Guston - Morris Louis - Asger Jorn - Baselitz - Polke - Kiefer and Per Kirkeby.

Every year Louisiana offers 4-6 temporary exhibitions - presenting both great modernist artists and the latest international contemporary art in the series Louisiana Contemporary.

Museum of Hunting and Forestry
The Museum of Hunting and Forestry takes visitors way back in time - from the Stone Age to our present century.
The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry

A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage

Free Entry - Every Wednesday

The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry takes you way back in time - from the Stone Age up to our time - with a vast collection of artefacts and antique hunting gear that covers the cultural history - and the development of hunting and forestry in Denmark.

The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry


"Ewald’s Room" - and Blixen's Study
"Ewald’s Room" where Karen Blixen wrote many of her internationally renowned stories surrounded by her many artefacts from Africa.
The Karen Blixen Museum - Rungstedlund

World literature - Art - History - and Danish Cultural Heritage

Beside the private home of Karen Blixen - the museum has a documentary exhibition about Karen Blixen’s life and work - Karen Blixen’s drawings and paintings - plus special exhibitions and activities.

Karen Blixen’s birthplace Rungstedlund - and museum is situated in North Sealand - just on the sea shores of Oresound - and the landscape behind has 40 acres of park and garden - meadows - groves - and her final resting place on “Ewald’s Hill”. The area is preserved as a bird sanctuary.

The Karen Blixen Museum - Rungstedlund

"Hamlets Castle"
Kronborg Castle is also called "Hamlets Castle" - immortalised by Shakespeare.
Kronborg Castle was added to the World Heritage List year 2000 - by the UN organization UNESCO - and is now a member of the world's cultural legacy.
Kronborg Castle - 1574

Danish History - and Danish Cultural Heritage

Kronborg Castle or Hamlets Castle - immortalised by Shakespeare - is situated at Helsingør or "Elsinore" and built by King Frederik II in 1574-84. See all the antique furnishings - medieval artefacts - casemates - military barracks etc.

The Danish Maritime Museum exhibits many fascinating and historical objects - paintings and photographs that are exhibited at the museum - and portray the history of Danish shipping and naval history from the Renaissance up to our time.

Kronborg Castle - Hamlets Castle

A Renaissance Edifice - 1600
Frederiksborg Castle from 1600 - houses the Museum of National History. The castle is the finest and biggest Renaissance edifice ever seen in Northern Europe.
Frederiksborg Castle - Museum of National History

National Art & History - and Danish Cultural Heritage

Frederiksborg Castle - Museum of National History is situated in the town of Hillerød with a unique art collection that is world famous - and a sanctuary for art lovers - as well as for new and old museum goers.

A visit at these Royal premises and authentic surroundings is a must - and will bring one back in Danish and Royal history for ever!

Frederiksborg Castle - Museum of National History
Royal Mausoleum
The Royal Mausoleum
Roskilde Cathedral - the Royal Mausoleum - and the final resting place for all the Danish Royalties since the 15th century.
In 1995 Roskilde Cathedral was included in UNESCO's list of the world's inalienable cultural treasures and selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
Roskilde Cathedral - The Royal Mausoleum

Royal History - and Danish Cultural Heritage

Roskilde Cathedral from the 12th century houses the biggest and most outstanding Mausoleum in the world - as it is the final resting place for all the Danish Royalties since the 15th century - and after the protestant reformation in 1536.

There are gorgeous sarcophaguses of 39 Kings and Queens - as well as family members of successive rulers and their descendants.

Royal Mausoleum - Roskilde Cathedral

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