Arken Museum and Strandpark - Greater Copenhagen

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Arken Museum and Strandpark - Greater Copenhagen
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Arken Museum and Strandpark - Køge Bay
A long coastline with long sandy beaches - picnic areas & leisure spots
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There are many wooden bridges that connect the visitors to the beach areas from the mainland.
Arken and the Strandpark (Beach Park)
The Arken Museum for Modern Art and the Strandpark (Beach Park) are undoubtedly linked together - as the Arken Museum is integrated into the beautiful landscape of this 8 km artificial and recreational beach area - and placed on the shores of a spit just 15-18 km from the centre of Copenhagen.

An Architectural Gem and monument
The museum building is a architectural monument and gem - that symbolises a stranded ship on the shore with blowing sails and a broken mast on the banks of the sea.
The Arken Museum is attractively situated on a spit with water on both sides of the building and looks like a stranded ship on the shore.
The Red Axis cuts into The Art Axis and serves mainly as a passageway between The Art Axis and the foyer at the Arken Museum.
Poster - Arken Art Museum.
Arken - Museum of Modern
The Arken Museum of Modern Art was inaugurated in 1996 and has ever since been a major attraction to all types of art lovers from all parts the world. The visitors at the Museum get the best of both world namely - high quality exhibitions in exciting architectural surroundings - and a recreational paradise surrounded by beaches and shores plus a green scenic park area.

Creating Interaction
At Arken - the visitors are met with new and often a different kind of experiences that opens ones imagination and is the source of inspiration - when the guest are in the exhibition area trying to soak up all the art impressions the Arken Museum has to offer creating a real interaction between the art collection and the visitor.

Many paintings of Danish Golden Age masters are frequently exhibited at Arken - here the famous masterpiece “Hip-Hip Hurra” from 1888 painted in Skagen by the legendary artist P.S. Krøyer. His official debut as a painter was in 1871.
The Art Axis forms the backbone of the Arken Museum and is the largest exhibition room in Denmark. When viewing the Art Axis from the foyer it shapes an optical illusion that challenges the visitors sight.
A vibrant exhibition style
The Arken Museum offers it visitors an art collection comprising over 300 works of art that contains art by prominent international masters on the international art scene plus works of Danish and Nordic painters that specializes in contemporary art from 1990 and beyond. The Museum’s art programme and vibrant exhibition style is a mixture of modern art and old masterpieces from all over the world. Exhibitions with world famous artist like - Picasso - Edward Munch - Chang - as well as Danish Asher Jorn and P.S. Krøyer
together with selected works of French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists from The Israel Museum - Jerusalem such as paintings and sculptures from the turn of the last century with main works by artists such as MonetPisaRenoirDegasRod inGauging - Elaine and Van Gogh - has been a great success and draws thousands of art goes to the Arken Art Museum.
Works of the modern post-war Danish artist and international recognized painter Asher Jo rn are often exhibited at the Ar ken Museum. Here the imaginative abstract painting from 1939 called "Patronage assenter".
The Deles Hall is placed in the middle of Ar ken Museum and is the sculpture hall that has access via the Art Axis. The Deles hall is named after the extension’s donors Annie and Otto Johns. Deles and has frequent changing exhibitions.
The Strand park (Beach Park)
The planning of the artificial beach areas with marina and leisure facilities on the eastern shores of KO Bay started in 1975 and the first part of the landscaping work took place in 1977 - as it was a great demand for the inhabitants in this part of Greater Copenhagen to have access to recreational areas and natural green breathing space for all types of outdoor activities. Beside of being an area for leisure and relaxation the Strand park also serves as coastal protection against flooding from the bay and into the mainland. The official inauguration of the Strand park took place in June - 1980.
Remember the 5 bathing guidelines:
- 1. Learn to swim
- 2. Never bathe alone
- 3. Learn to read the wind water conditions
- 4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
- 5. Don't lose sight of children
The large beach areas - with white sandy beaches and shifting sand dunes at the Strandpark attracts thousands of beachgoers.
Volley Ball competitions and other types of sports tournaments is a very common site and are popular events at the Strandpark.
On the south east cost
The Strandpark is situated 14-16 km south east of Copenhagen with sandy white beaches and clean bathing water and four marinas located at Brøndby - Vallensbæk - Ishøj and Hundige. Life guards are present on the child-friendly beaches and sun bathers can easily find a private spot on the many sand dunes that surrounds the beach areas.
The Strandpark is a perfect place for sunbathers - who prefers to swim in clean bathing water.
Life Guards on duty are operating from many sites and equipped with modern rescue gear.
Leisure activities and scenic surroundings
Like a string of pearls - the Strandpark offer different types of leisure activities such at jogging and cycling - boating - sports events - canoeing or kayaking – wind- and kitesurfing – fishing and much more. There are camping facilities beautifully located in scenic surroundings as well as large picnic areas - and barbecue sites with playgrounds and facilities for the disabled.
There are numerous jogging and cycling paths around the Strandpark area.
Green picnic areas and barbecue sites are located all over the Strandpark.
Birds and other Wildlife
During the years - as the fauna and flora has grown into the landscape of the Strandpark - with its grazing commons - lakes - ponds - scrubland marsh - and small isles these natural elements has created a rich and flourishing habitants for different kind of birds and wildlife that attracts hundreds of birdwatchers and ornithologist from Denmark and Scandinavia observing the large colonies of bird species at the Strandpark - which is a breeding and staging site for many waterfowls too. The Strandpark areas are often passed over by migrating birds on their way to and from the Scandinavian countries and many birds resident at the Strandpark all winter.
The Strandpark offers the best conditions for Wind-surfing and kite surfing plus other water sports and sailing activities.
There are four yacht harbours with all modern facilities for more than 4,500 leisure boats that have their base at the Strandpark.
Arken Museum for Modern Art and the Strandpark is situated 14-16 km from Copenhagen's city centre and on the southeast coastline on the shores of Køge Bay.

Arken Museum of Modern Art


Skovvej 100
2635 Ishøj

Take the S-train A or E to Ishøj Station - then bus 128 directly to Arken.

The Strandpark (Beach Park)
Take the S-train A or E - either to Brøndby - Vallensbæk - Ishøj or Hundige Station.

Busses to the Strandpark will take you there.

Arken Museum - Strandpark
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