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Sightseeing and Guided Tours - Copenhagen
In - Around & Beyond Copenhagen
Online presentation of major attractions - and historical venues in Copenhagen
Joyful and Entertaining Holidays in Copenhagen
Fun - Fun - Fun in Copenhagen
There are many amusement parks and entertainment for children and families in and around Copenhagen
Copenhagen is Sightseeing and Everlasting Memories
Absalon and his City
Bishop Absalon

Brief History about Copenhagen...

Copenhagen City was founded by Bishop Absalon (1128-1201) around 1167 - who was at that time adviser of King Valdemar I (1131-1182 - ruled 1158-1182) - and the archbishop of Roskilde - which was the capital of Denmark in the 12th century. Bishop Absalon - History...

Absalon started to build a little castle in the little town on the east coast of Zealand to protect the city and trade on the Sound. (Øresund) The task was given to him by his foster brother King Valdemar I. Intro...

Sightseeing Tours and Excursions
City Tours and Day Trips in and outside Copenhagen
For company clients and customers - we arrange individual city tours and special field trips in and outside of Copenhagen - as well as weekly cultural and historical excursions for small and large groups.
Transfer & Sightseeing Copenhagen
We arrange special sightseeing tours in and around Copenhagen for individual groups with authorized guides that speaks the customer’s preferred language. The excursion can be programmed with a canal tour - visit to Rosenborg Castle and the Crown Jewels - the Royal residence Amalienborg and changing of the Royal guards - plus a stopover at other interesting top attractions and historical landmarks of Copenhagen. We organize transfers from the airport to the cruise terminal and hotel - or vice versa with a combined sightseeing trip included.

Contact us for special guided tour programs and arrangements at: Inbound Travel Service

Sightseeing and Guided Tours beyond Copenhagen
- One day trip to Kronborg Castle - Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana
- One day trip to Roskilde Cathedral and Viking Museum
- One day trip to Frederiksborg Castle - Fredensborg Palace and Kronborg Castle

Sightseeing - North Sealand


Interactive Map with online Tourist Guide
Interactive map and online Sightseeing Tourist Guide - Explore Copenhagen in more exciting way!
Detailed description of more than 60 venues and landmarks supported by over 700 photos. Locations of Attractions - Historical and cultural venues - Hidden Gems - Galleries - Museums - Stations - Parks - Harbour and Canal area - Waterfront - Bus terminals etc.
The most comprehensive Sightseeing Programme Online.
Experience Copenhagen and its history in a much different and more exciting way!
Online Interactive Map
Interactive Copenhagen Map
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64 major attractions and interesting places in Copenhagen - rated according to popularity and visiting trends.
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Online interactive map of Copenhagen - Tourist Guide and Sightseeing information
We have developed and uploaded an extended version of our Royal Copenhagen CD for our customers' and visitors’ convenience
- with an online interactive map of Copenhagen that will guide you around the city and provide you with comprehensive and voluminous information about more than 60 major attractions - historic and cultural places as well as Hidden Gems and Landmarks in Scandinavian’s biggest capital, supported by a impressive picture gallery, with over 700 scenic photos and pictorial references as well as the factual background history for each venue. This exclusive online Interactive Map and Sightseeing presentation is the first of its type ever exposed on the Internet or on any Tourist Portal that will provide tourists and visitors with extensive and certified first hand information about Copenhagen. Enjoy the tour! Sightseeing Index
Online Interactive Map
Explore Greater Copenhagen
Online Map over Greater Copenhagen
We have finally fulfilled many enquiries from our users and customers - and have launched a new interactive map over Greater Copenhagen with some of the many attraction and venues that are located in this area - and on the outskirts of Denmark’s Capital. We trust that this interactive map will be of great help for tourists and visitors planning a trip to Copenhagen.

Click on map and take an online tour - and find a venue you possibly like to visit or lean more about.

The online interactive map of Greater Copenhagen was launched in 2009 - and has been updated and extended regularly. With more than 14 major attractions - historic and cultural places as well as hidden gems and landmarks - it is the most comprehensive map and guide with hundreds of pictorial references and factual background history for each venue. This online Interactive Map and Sightseeing presentation is the first of its type ever exposed on the Internet - or on any Tourist Portal. The map will provide tourists and visitors - with extensive and certified first hand information about Greater Copenhagen as well as giving foreigners and students living in Denmark - plus school teachers and pupils the opportunity to learn more about some of Denmark’s Cultural Heritages placed in the outskirts of the Danish Capital.

Sightseeing Index
Monthly Newsletter - up to date info about Copenhagen and Sightseeing Tours!
Monthly Newsletter
For our Tourists and Cruise passengers convenience - we provide a Monthly Newsletter with all necessary and up to date info about Copenhagen with tips on what to see what to do and where to go - and some practical advise - while you visit the Danish capital. We will describe the actually month in Copenhagen regarding transport - weather - sightseeing - Fields Trips - Bus Route Map - Eating - Events & Special Events - Cruise Ships - Free admission - Personal & Practical Information - Public Holidays & Flag Days - Recipes of the Month - City & Tour Tips - Miscellaneous and much more. Newsletter

Sightseeing North Sealand - Historic Places
The Royal Castles and Palaces - And the Royal Burial Plot
Sightseeing & Excursions beyond Copenhagen
Sealand (Zealand)
One day trip to Kronborg Castle - Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana - Contact
Hamlet's Castle
Sightseeing and Excursion to Kronborg Castle - 1595

Kronborg Castle - Elsinore – North Sealand
Visit Kronborg Castle from 1585 (Hamlets Castle) by tour bus and then take the ferry to Helsingborg – Sweden. One day trip.
Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
The bus tour up to Elsinore will take you trough the countryside of the east coast of Sealand and follow the coast line of Sweden on the other side of the Sound. We will make a stop at the Karen Blixen Museum (Rungstedlund) and later stop and visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is within a walking distance of 10 min.
Kronborg Castle

Special Tours by bus - will follow the scenic coastline to Helsingør (Elsinore)

One day trip to Roskilde Cathedral and Viking Museum - Contact
Roskilde Cathedral
Sightseeing and Excursion to Roskilde Cathedral - 1170
The Royal Burial Plot
The Royal Tombs side by side in Roskilde Cathedral
The Vikings
Sightseeing and Excursion to The Viking Ship Museum

Special Field Trips and Tours to Roskilde
Roskilde Cathedral - Danish Kings and Queens Burial Place
The tour bus to Roskilde from Copenhagen Central Station to the Cathedral stops at the parking lot at the "Stænder" market square - and is 5 min walking distance from the Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built during the 12th and 13th centuries and has been the main burial place for Danish Monarchs since the 15th century.

The Viking Ship Museum
After visiting Roskilde Cathedral we will visit the Viking Ship Museum situated by Roskilde Fjord.
Railway History
In 1847 the railway line between Copenhagen and Roskilde was the first railroad system that was established in Denmark – so the train service to Roskilde has some historic relevance. The present tracks are placed on the same route as in 1847.
Roskilde Cathedral

The Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ships Museum was established in 1969 on the banks of Roskilde Fjord precisely where archaeologist found and started the excavation of the 6 well preserved Viking ships in 1962 - called the Skuldelev Ships 1-6 dated back to around 1060. Beside of the grand museum hall with the Viking Ships exhibited - there is a shipyard connected to the Viking Ship Museum where reconstructions of the original ships are built.
Cruise passengers from Langelinie Pier or The Freeport Terminal will be picked up at the Ship side by our tour bus to Roskilde. Contact 

The Vikings
One day trip to Frederiksborg Castle - Fredensborg Palace and Kronborg - Contact
Frederiksborg Castle
Sightseeing and Excursion to Frederiksborg Castle - 1560
Royal Sleeping Chambers
Royal sleeping chamber at Frederiksborg Castle
Royal Summer Residence
Sightseeing and Excursion to Fredensborg Palace - 1720
The Garden Room
The beautiful Garden Room - is open for visitors in July.
Special Castle Tour
Frederiksborg Castle – Hillerød – North Sealand.
Take our tour bus to Hillerød and visit Frederiksborg Castle from around 1560. The tour from Copenhagen’s Central Station to Hillerød will take almost 40 min.

Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance Castle in Scandinavia surrounded by a Baroque garden and a beautiful picturesque park.

The Castle accommodates The Museum of National History - founded in 1882, and the museum holds a historic collection of paintings and portraits. There is a significant collection of furniture and decorative art from the establishment of the Castle.

The Frederiksborg Castle complex was built as a royal residence for King Christian IV and some of the oldest parts of the castle were built by his father King Frederick II and date back to 1560. The Castle’s magnificent church is used as the Knight's Chapel for the Order of the Elephant and the Order of the Dannebrog. The Castle was raised by heavy fires in 1859, that destroyed parts of the buildings and interior, whilst the castle was resided by King Frederik VII.

We offer the combined North Sealand Tour visiting Kronborg Castle - Fredensborg Palace (Royal summer residence) and Frederiksborg Castle.

Frederiksborg Castle
Fredensborg Palace - Contact
We offer the combined North Sealand Tour visiting Kronborg Castle - Fredensborg Palace (Royal summer residence) and Frederiksborg Castle.

Fredensborg Palace - the Royal summer residence

After Frederiksborg Castle we will visit Fredensborg Palace.

Fredensborg Palace is built from 1720 to 1726 in a French-inspired baroque style and located on the banks of the great Esrum Lake. (Esrum Sø) The Palace is built with an octagonal courtyard encircled by two single-story servants' wings, called Red Wing. The palace gardens and park are among Denmark's largest historical garden premises and is surrounded by the Norwegian Valley (Nordmandsdalen) with approximately 70 sculptures of Norwegian and Faeroe farmers and fishermen.

Fredensborg Palace is the Danish Royal Family’s summer residence and visitors have access to the park area all year and inside of the palace complex in the month of July.

Top-Attractions - North Sealand
Visit Sweden - when visiting Copenhagen
Trip to Malmö   Contact
To Sweden
The Bridge to Malmö -Sweden

Malmö - Sweden
Visit historic Malmö City founded around 1275 - the third largest city in Sweden - and once a Danish town in a region called "Skåne" - which was a part of Denmark until 1658. Malmö offers many sightseeing venues with great shopping streets and leisure areas.

Attractions and Cultural Venues
There are numerous attractions - activities and cultural venues connected to Malmö City including the opera house - museums - boat rental - canal tours - Funhouse Activity Centre - ride passes at Axel's Tivoli - Rönnebäck Golf Club - the Turning Torso - Gustav Adolf squares etc.

The Oresund Bridge
The 8 km long Oresund Bridge - and the tunnel over the Sound is the gateway to Sweden from Copenhagen - and the so called “Oresund” bridge tunnel connection has a total length of nearly 16 km over the Oresund Strait.

Outbound Tours & Services

Sightseeing to historical and picturesque Dragør - Contact
The Museum
Dragør Museum from 1682
The Daily Catch
The daily catch at Dragør
Old Colonial Houses
Colonial houses and cobbled streets at Dragør

Dragør Sightseeing Tour Contact
A very amazing little fishing village
Just a few kilometres (12-14 km) outside of the city centre of Copenhagen one will find a very amazing little fishing village called Dragør - located on the south cost of the isle of Amager.

We arrange and offer guided tour for groups from Copenhagen to Dragør.
Dragør was founded in the 12th century – and many of the well preserved historical buildings are from the 1700s-1800s. Walking through the old part of the town, you will see the typical yellow painted houses with cobblestone streets and a charming harbour area, where visitors can experience the fishing boats selling their daily catch from the ship side. Take some breadcrumbs with you from your breakfast, as there are lots of ducks – swans and other birds waiting to be fed at the little harbour pier. Bus 30 will take you directly to Dragør from the Central Station. Visit the Dragør fortification from 1910 and view from the top of the fortress over to Sweden and the grand Oresund Bridge.

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