Aarhus - The Smiling City

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A Remarkable - Must See - Tourist Attraction and Historical Venue
The of ARoS Museum - and the Rainbow Panorama Circle placed on top of ARoS offers a view of Aarhus in spectacular Colours.
Aarhus - The heart of Culture & Art
One of the most visited historical sites in Denmark
Aarhus - The European Capital of Culture 2017
Aarhus was selected as The European Capital of Culture in 2017 - and crowds of visitors that visited the second largest capital in Denmark on the east coast of Jutland - did experienced a city buzzing with various Cultural Events - inclusive an explosion of Festivals and Happenings - Visual Arts and Exhibitions - Architecture and Design - Music and Sound and many more Cultural Arrangements - when celebrating the title of being the European Capital of Culture.
Aarhus - Jutland
Aarhus is placed on the Bay of Aarhus facing the Kattegat Sea.
Aarhus - Cruise Destination
Aarhus is a very popular and attractive Cruise destination port in Denmark - offering a large number of sightseeing venues in the city and surrounding areas in Jutland.
Aarhus University
Aarhus University & Campus - which is Scandinavia's largest university - and founded in 1928.
Aarhus Town Hall
Aarhus Town Hall was inaugurated in 1938 - and the landmark of the City - with its 60 m. high tower - and located in the beautiful landscaped City Park.
Aarhus - The Smiling City
Vintage Tourism Poster
promoting Aarhus.
Aarhus - The Heart of Culture and Art & much more...
Aarhus is not just the second largest city in Denmark - but the largest city in Jutland - and a remarkable cultural pearl and artistic oasis on the east coast of Jutland - as well as being the central melting pot of culture and art that has influence on the East Jutland metropolitan area with it’s population of almost 1.5 million residents. And Aarhus is just a city specially created for genuine art lovers and cultural cosmopolitans - as Aarhus offers different types of art - and all kind of imaginative creations that are spread at selective venues all over the city and beach areas.
Brief History & Cruise Port off Call
The city of Aarhus began as a little Viking settlement on the beautiful and vast East Coast Bay of Jutland in the late 8th century - and during the Viking Age - Middle Age and up to the Medieval times the city grew to receive Market Town privileges in 1441 - granted by King Christopher III of Bavaria. Presently the municipal population of Aarhus is nearly 350,000 - and Aarhus is today the cultural and economic centre of the region plus the largest hotspot for trade - services and industry in Jutland - as well as being the home to Aarhus University - which is Scandinavia's largest university - including Aarhus University Hospital and INCUBA Science Park that is a centre for research and education for the entire Nordic countries. And the Harbour area is just minutes of walk from the Cruise Terminal and to the inner city - and Cruise Vessels are mainly docked at the Eastern Harbour Pier.
Aarhus - Vibes and Hype
Aarhus is also a modern city filled with smiling citizens together with bustling young students - from the major University City in Scandinavia - that greatly contributes to really boost up the Vibes of the city - which creates even more collective Hype to the popular entertainment district and inner city with all the lively gathering around the Canal Street that runs trough “Midtbyen” - the middle town - where the world of Cafés - Restaurants - Coffee Shops - Bodegas - Nightclubs - Discos - Beer Bars adorns the colourful scenery of the central part of Aarhus.
Aarhus - or "Århus"
Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in Denmark - and was officially named and spelled “Århus” until 2010. A citizen living in Aarhus is called an “Aarhusianer” - and will speak Danish with a charming Jutlandic or Jutish accent - which is different than the “Standard Danish Language” called (Rigsdansk) - which is mainly spoken in and around the Danish Capital Copenhagen. The Danes had a “Spelling Reform” in 1948 - where the letters “Aa” was altered and replaced by the Danish letter “Å” - and many Danish cities and site locations had to change their names. The City Council of “Århus” then changed the name of the City to “Aarhus” again in 2010 - to better correspond and work with International relations - as the letter “Å” - is not a letter that is a part of the Latin alphabet writing system widely used by European and western countries.

Aarhus - The Smiling City
Among Danes - then Aarhus has always been considered by its common parlance and popular nick name “Smilets By” - The Smiling City - and this slogan was used to brand Aarhus - when the City Council was campaigning to create more interest for Aarhus - and for tourists to visit the city - but the motto has since effectively been joined to the City of Aarhus - and visitors can judge for themselves if Aarhus citizens live up to the phrase of being a "Smiling City".
Top Attractions - Historical Places - Sightseeing Venues in Aarhus

Top Attractions - Historical Places - Sightseeing Venues
Tourists just adore Aarhus as an architectural gem with old row houses and cobblestone streets plus a maze of exciting walkways in and around town. There are numerous Top Attractions - Historical Places - Sightseeing Venues in and around the city of Aarhus including ARoS - Aarhus Museum of Art (Highlights Special Art & Collections and Exceptional Exhibitions) - The Old Town (Fabulous Open Air Museum) - The Botanical Garden (Founded in 1873 and the Green Sanctuary of Aarhus) - Marselisborg Palace (Holiday Residence for the Royal Family & changing of the Royal Guards) - Moesgaard Museum (Splendid Ethnographical Exhibitions and Archaeological Collections) - “Tivoli Friheden” Theme Park (Amusements for the Entire family) - Aarhus Cathedral - (From the 12th Century and the biggest Church building in Denmark) - The City Hall (Landmark of Aarhus from 1941) and much more...

The Old Town - Aarhus
The prehistoric Old Town in Aarhus is a 5-star experience - and an open air museum for Danish urban history and culture - with 75 historical houses from all over Denmark - and open all year round.
Moesgaard Museum - Aarhus
The Moesgaard Museum offers a great archaeological and ethnographical collection - plus arrange historical and cultural events for their special audience. Moesgaard Museum.
ARoS - Aarhus
ARoS Art Museum is founded by Aarhus citizens in 1859 - and located in new premises in Aarhus. ARoS displays a large art collection with works from the Golden Age until today.
Beyond Aarhus - Amusements & Attractions
Beyond Aarhus - Amusements & Attractions
There are numerous Attractions - Sites - Historical Places - and Team Parks beyond Aarhus for everyone including - The sanded Church at Skagen - The Fishing Boats on the Beaches of North West Jutland - The vast Vest Coast of Jutland - The North Sea Oceanarium - Vest Jutland - The Viking Settlement “Aggersborg” Ring Fortress - built in 980 on the banks of the Limfjord - North Jutland - "Fyrkat" - Viking Fortress built by King Harald Bluetooth around 980 - North Jutland - Lindholm Høje with the largest Viking burial area with over 700 plots in North Jutland - Jelling and the Runic Stones at Jelling Jutland - erected more than 1000 years ago - by King Harald Bluetooth - and considered to be the Birthplace of the Danish Kingdom - Nationalpark Mols Bjerge - Aalborg the Roaring city of North Jutland - Spøttrup medieval Castle from 1404 - Rebild Nationalpark - North Jutland - Mønsted and Daugbjerg Chalk Mines and the world's largest chalk mine - Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Montain" - Mid Jutland - Legoland - Jesperhus Amusement and Flower Park - Givskud Lion Zoo - Djurs Sommerland - and much more…
Jelling Runic Stones - 964 A.C.
The Runic Stones at Jelling from 964 A.C. - erected by King Harald "Bluetooth" with the inscription “who turned the Danes to Christianity" - is recognised as a National Symbol - and the Danish Kingdom's Birth Certificate.
The Sanded Church - Skagen
The sand-covered church at Skagen from the 14th century - where nearly half of the church tower rises from the heavy sand dunes. The church was finally closed in 1795 - and is a great tourist attraction on the most northern place of Denmark.
Spøttrup Medieval Castle - 1520
Spøttrup Castle from 1520 - is a well preserved medieval castle with an active museum. The oldest part is the cellar with cross vaults supported by pillars. The ramparts and the double moat served to defend the castle from cannon fire.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Destinations - Denmark
Ports of Call in Denmark
The West Coast of Jutland
Visit the vast and rustic West Coast areas of Jutland - with the ever moving sand dunes - and the fishing boats on the sandy beaches.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Beside Copenhagen being the major cruise destination in Scandinavia - then several other beautiful and exhilarating cities in Denmark - all filled with a rich history - interesting attractions and an explosion of cultural venues - are visited by intercontinental cruise passengers - as these selected cruise destinations and Danish waterfront townscapes are widely used as the Port of Call for international Cruise Liners cruising the clean and steady waters of Denmark.
Ports of Call in Denmark

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