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Transportation Copenhagen
Transport In and Around Copenhagen
It's easy to move around in Copenhagen!
The new S-Train and Metro terminal at Flintholm - Suburban Frederiksberg - Vanløse.
The Public Transport System
Denmark has one of the most developed public transport systems in the world with an effective infrastructure - and especially Copenhagen has a network of reliable and efficient transport carriers and operators that can take you from A to B in no time - whether its by the public S-train system - the many Bus-lines or Metro Ring you will always be transported in a well-organised way.
Transport Info!
Monthly Newsletter
Latest updated news about Traffic and Transportation in Copenhagen!
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For our Tourists and Cruise passengers convenience - we provide a Monthly Newsletter with all necessary and up to date info about Copenhagen with tips on what to see - what to do and where to go - and some practical advise - while you visit the Danish capital. We will describe the actually month in Copenhagen regarding the latest about Traffic and Transport News - Weather - Sightseeing - Fields Trips - Eating - Events & Special Events - Cruise Ships - Bus Route Map - Free Admission - Personal & Practical Information - Tourists Matters - Public Holidays & Flag Days - Recipes of the Month - City & Tour Tips - Miscellaneous and much more. Here you will find the latest S-Train Network Map

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Terminal 3 -CPH-Airport
Transportation to and from the AIRPORT - Copenhagen Kastrup
Kastrup is the busiest International Airport in Scandinavia
Copenhagen Airport was first called Kastrup Airport - and is the main hub for SAS and other international airlines with nearly 25 million passengers passing the airport terminal every year - which makes it the busiest international airport in Scandinavia. Copenhagen Airport serve passengers from Copenhagen - Denmark and the Oresund region - and is situated on the isle of Amager - just 10 km from the city centre. Copenhagen Airport has 3 terminals - and a fourth is opening. The airport station is located under terminal 3 - where the trains and metro take passengers to the Central Station of Copenhagen - and then further on to Elsinore.


The DSB S-Trains
Transportation to and from Copenhagen CENTRAL STATION

The Central Station
The present Grand Central Station in Copenhagen called (Københavns Hovedbanegård) is the third Central Station and was inaugurated in 1911 by prince Christian - later King Christian X (1870-1947 - king from 1912 - 1947) together with 700-800 exclusive invited guests and thousands of Copenhageners.
The Central Station is the largest train station in Denmark - and centre for all train traffic in the country - as the station is served by S-trains - and regional trains - as well as InterCity and international trains - with departures to major cities all over Europe. The new City Ring and Metro's fully automatic trains will stop here around 2018.

CPH-Central Station

- Langelinie Pier
- Freeport Terminal
Cruise ships in Copenhagen
Transportation to and from the CRUISE PORTS of Copenhagen
The Cruise Terminals of Copenhagen
All international Cruise Vessels visiting Denmark’s capital and Scandinavia’s largest port of call - Copenhagen - embark and line up either at the Langelinie Pier or The Freeport Terminal - Nordhavn. The expected visit of Turn Around Cruise Ships will mainly dock at the North Harbour Terminal. The Langelinie Pier has since it was established in 1894 - always been a popular outing venue and stylish promenade for Copenhageners. Every year the pier is filled up with cruise ships from all over the world with thousands of passengers visiting Copenhagen. The Freeport Harbour and Port area of Copenhagen - was established in 1891-1894 - and even in 1905 it was a very important and busy seaport. Today the harbour area is called Nordhavn - and is the main port of call with modern terminal facilities - and services for international cruise ships.

Cruise Copenhagen
Public Transport
Red and blue public busses
Public Transport with BUSSES - in and Around Copenhagen
Bus-Lines in Copenhagen
There are numerous Bus-lines in Copenhagen to serve the citizens - and tourist that visit the capital of Denmark. The two main Bus-terminals in Copenhagen is at the Town Hall Square - and at the Central Station - where the most popular and busy public busses transport customers in and around Copenhagen every day and all year round.
Bus Route Map
As the route map of the public bus line change frequently - one will find the newest version on the latest Monthly Newsletter Site Route Map

The Metro-train runs 24 hours every day the year round.
M1 and M2 Metro-Lines
The METRO System in Copenhagen
Metro - Copenhagen
The Metro links between the large urban areas to the east and west with the city centre acting as the base.

Using the 2 Metro Lines in Copenhagen gives you a fast and simple way to tour around in and outside of the city 24 hours of the day. The Metro trains are fully automatic - but have well trained personal on board. The trains departures every 4 min. and the passengers can buy single or multi tour tickets in all Metro stations at the ticket machines.

There are 2 main Metro Lines:

- runs both ways from Vanløse Station - west of Copenhagen to the isle of Amager - south of Copenhagen called Vestamager. The Metro Station at Ørestad is the busiest on the entire route due to the location of Scandinavia’s biggest shopping mall - Field's.

M2 - runs both ways from Vanløse Station to Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup on the isle of Amager. The Metro route M2 takes you through the inner city of Copenhagen - the Christianshavns Canals and end at the Airport. On this line the Metro passes many tourists venues and attractions. The entire trip will take about 26 min. and passes 3 zones.

The final Metro project will be completed with a third Metro Line in 2019 with over 30 Metro trains in operatio

Public Transport

The Harbour Bus takes you alongside the waterfront of Copenhagen.

The Harbour Busses
Harbour Busses
The harbour bus takes you alongside the waterfront of Copenhagen - and makes several daily crossings in Copenhagen's Harbour. See the Bus Route Map for more info. .

See the Bus Route Map for more info at Monthly Newsletter

Transfers - Transport - Guided City Tours & Shore Excursions
Taxi - Taxa
Look for Taxi or Taxa sign.
Taxies and Mini Cabs in Copenhagen
Taxies - Copenhagen City
All taxies are provided with a registration number and a "Taxi" or "Taxa" sign on the roof. If the Taxi is vacant a word "Fri" (free) will be displayed. Most drivers speak English - and are committed to find the faster and cheapest way to customers required end destination.

All prices are included VAT - Service and Tips.

Pirate Taxies!
There are many "Pirate Taxies" in Copenhagen - and we highly recommend you not to take one of these - due to lack of proper insurance - and other type of legal protection.
Destination Sevice


Cycling Culture
Copenhageners just love their bicycles and noble cycle culture.
Cycling in Copenhagen
Cycling in Copenhagen
Copenhagen has over 360 km separated bicycle paths in and around the city - and is known as the city with a "Noble Cycle Culture”. Almost every Copenhagener owns a cycle and 35% of the everyday street commuters are one of the 400,000 daily cyclist in the city.

Cycling over 100 years

Copenhageners have been cycling back and fourth in the city for more that 100 years - and have gained a certain form of special and kind cycle culture.

Bicycle Lanes and Paths
The first separate bicycle paths was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - as the existing bridle paths was converted into isolated safe Cycle tracks to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time.


Unfortunately - Copenhagen is the only Capital in the world without "Free Bicycles" for their Tourists and Visitors!

Cycling rules: Visitors Lounge

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