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Danish Specialities and Recipes
Deliciously Authentic Danish Dishes
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"Stegt Flæsk" - Fried Pork Belly
"Stegt Flæsk" - Prime National Dish
"Koldskål" - Fridge Buttermilk
Old country dessert - National dish
"Rød Grød med Fløde"
Red berry pudding - National dessert
"Boller i Karry"
Meatballs in curry - National dish
Filled patty shells - National dish
"Gule Ærter"
Split-pea soup - National dish
"Skinke med Grønlangkål"
Kale stew with ham - National dish
"Frikadelle" - Danish Meatballs
"Frikadelle" with potatoes - National dish
Marinated Herring
Prepare Marinated Herring
Danish Remoulade
Homemade "Remoulade"
Smoked Mackerel - Raw Egg Yoke
Smoked Mackerel - Egg Yoke - Potatoes
Apple Pork - "Æbleflæsk"
Apple Pork - "Æbleflæsk"
Smørstegte Sild med Persillesovs
Butter Fried Herrings with Parsley Sauce
Liver Paste - (Leverpostej)
Homemade and freshly baked liver paste
Omelette with Smoked Herrings
Local old country dish from Bornholm
"Brændende Kærlighed"
Burning Love - National dish
Velbekomme - Enjoy your meal!


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