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"Smoked Mackerel or Herring - with Egg Yoke - and new Potatoes"
Old Traditional Danish Summer Dish - Served as an Open Danish Sandwich - on rustic Rye Bread.
A Old National Dish from Bornholm
Smoked Mackerel with raw Egg Yolk and New Potatoes - is a typical Danish Summer Speciality - and is one of the popular grand summer dishes or served like an open Danish sandwich - which the Danes enjoy with their Snaps and Beer. The smoked Mackerel is produced all over Denmark in various Smokehouses - and especially on the rocky isle of Bornholm - where the smoked fish is used as a national dish. The Smoked Mackerel was first presented as a local delicacy in the 1860s - as well as a genuine open Danish sandwich - on rye bread - with different types of toppings and decorations - depending on from which part of a region in Denmark - the Smoked Mackerel was prepared and served.
"Smoked Mackerel with Egg Yoke - and new Potatoes"
A genuine summer dish or as an Open Danish Sandwich - on rye bread!
Smoked Mackerel on Rye Bread
A genuine Open Danish Sandwich - on rye bread)
The dish is over 150 years old and has been a traditional everyday meal and Open Danish Sandwish for generations of Danes that just want to taste smoked fish with a lot of different fresh toppings on rustic rye bread.


Fish and Toppings

250 g
1/4 teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon
10 g
20 g

Whole Smoked Mackerel

Boiled new potatoes
Bunch of radishes
Slice fresh rye bread
Big onion
Pepper (according to taste)
Raw egg yoke
Butter for spread
Melted butter
Bunch of chives

Open Danish Sandwich & Smoked Mackerel
The Delicious Smoked Mackerel on Rye bread as an open Danish sandwich - and garnished with selected toppings plus egg yolk - is one of the Danes favourite treats - and a national plate - especially on the isle of Bornholm - where this famous and traditional Danish "Smørrebrød" sandwich is prepared and served.
Smoked Mackerel
Smoked Mackerel and other types of fish - are smoked in various smokehouses around the regions in Denmark - but is mainly known as a smoked delicacy from Bornholm.
Follow me...

Smoked Mackerel with Egg Yoke - and new Potatoes - as an open Danish sandwich!

-Wash the lettuce well - drain and cut it up into smaller pieces. Getting it on a platter or large shallow bowl. - Rinse the radishes. Cut the top - and cut them into slices.

- Boiled the new potatoes

- Cut the new potatoes in half - or into suitable pieces.

- Turn the salad with potatoes - butter and radishes.

- Carefully pick the fresh mackerel from skin and bones. Then part it in suitable pieces. Spread the mackerel on top of salad that is placed on rustic rye bread with appropriate butter spread.

- Decorate the mackerel with toppings of radishes - egg yoke - onions and freshly cut chives.

Serve with Beer & Snaps
- Serve
the Smoked Mackerel plus new potatoes with melted butter - and enjoy a cold Danish beer - and some chilled Danish Snaps "Akvavit" with this delicious open smoked mackerel sandwich.

"Smoked Mackerel"

If you are not near a fish smokhouse - then one can purchase "vacuum packed" smoked mackerel in nearly every super market or larger groserie stores.

Restaurants and Eating Places

You can also buy ready-made "Smoked Mackerel with Egg Yoke - and new Potatoes" - as an open Danish sandwich in various restaurants in town - or at Inns around the countryside.

traditional Danish food culture

- Enjoy your meal!

Smokehouse on canvas - 1926
Painting by Laurits Tuxen from 1926 - called “Silden soltørres” (Herrings being Sun Dried) - and exhibited at Bornholm’s Art Museum.

"Sun Over Gudhjem" - "Sol over Gudhjem"
The best way to enjoy the smoked Mackerel or Herring traditionally called "Sun Over Gudhjem" - "Sol over Gudhjem" - is directly from the hot smokehouse oven. This popular national dish - which is an open Danish sandwich on rye bread - smoked mackerel or herring - chives and a raw egg yolk (the "sun" on top) - is more than a hundred year old Danish specialty. The silvery-white herring that is transformed into a gold fish - when smoked - is also described by the locals as "the gold from the sea" - when treated in the smokehouse oven. All over Bornholm one will find smokehouses alongside the coastline of nearly each town. Gudhjem (God's Home) - is a little town and fishing port on the north-eastern rocky cost of Bornholm - and has a population of nearly 900 citizens - that grows enormously in the summer period - as Gudhjem is a very popular tourist venue and holiday site - facing the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

Regional Dishes from Denmark.

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