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National Gallery - Copenhagen
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The Danish National Gallery - (Statens Museum for Kunst)
Free Entrance
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The old museum building from 1896 with the ornamentally decorated facade and an impressive entrance, making a grand entry from the outside world into the museum collections.

The Danish National Gallery - Statens Museum for Kunst

The Danish national gallery - Statens Museum for Kunst - is the only place in Denmark which features more than 700 years of Western art and cultural history under one roof. The museum houses a large collection of Danish and international paintings - sculptures - drawings and installations.

Room with a collection with Religious art - The Lydian Plain (Turkey) - Painting by Harald Jerichau 1851 - This masterwork was given to National Gallery by Brewer Carl Jacobsen in 1878.

The Crusader - Sketch for The Knight with the Falcon - a genuine Rembrandt - from 1659-61.

Marvellous paintings in various categories of old famous and foreign masters from 1300-1800.

Broad collection with famous painters
The collection includes works by the Italian renaissance painters Tizian and Mantegna - the 17th century masters Rubens and Rembrandt - 19th century painters of the Danish Golden Age such as Eckersberg and Købke - and 20th century artists such as Henri Matisse, Edvard Munch and Emil Nolde - as well as the Danish artists Asger Jorn - Per Kirkeby and many more.

Collection with Danish painters - Scientific impressions.

Collection with Danish work of art - People and Nature.

Collection of masterpieces from the Danish Golden Age 1880-1900 - Paintings from famous Danish artists like C. W. Eckersberg - Michael Ancher - Christen Købke - P. S. Krøyer and many more.

Grand entrance into the museum collections
The old museum building dates back to 1896 - and was designed by the architect Wilhelm Dahlerup. The imposing building reflect several historical styles with a richly decorated facade and the impressive entrance - which makes for a solemn transition from the outside world into the museum collections.

Focus Gallery with modern art by Per Kirkeby - displaying nature and culture.

The extension of the museum in 1998 has created significant exhibition space.

New modernist extension building
The 1998 extension has provided the museum with a significant - and much-needed - increase in the exhibition space available. The magnificent, modernist extension building is situated in parallel with Dahlerup's old museum building opening the house up towards the surrounding parkland.

Guided tours are provided in Danish and English.

The National Gallery is located beside the Botanical Gardens - Rosenborg Castle and near Nørreport Station.

The Danish National Gallery
Free Entrance


Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
1307 Copenhagen K

Busses: 6A -14 - 26 - 40 - 42 - 43 - 184 - 185 - 150S - 173 E

Trains - S-trains and regional trains to Østerport and Nørreport Stations

Metro - Nørreport Station and Kongens Nytorv

The Danish National Gallery
(Statens Museum for Kunst)
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