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Travel Incentives
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Sir H. M. Stanley said these famous words - "Dr Livingstone - I presume?" - When he met him in Central Africa in 1871. And this special event was described as finding a needle in a haystack. Denmark has a population of only 5,5 million - and I have met Danes at the most far and lost places on several continents. "That’s incredible - and what a wonderful world - Stanley!"
George B. Moller
Travel Incentives
Travel Incentives
Copenhagen is one of the oldest cities in the world and packed with history and culture - but at the same time young in heart - a top modern capital and first-class destination with excellent conference and meeting facilities as well as international hotels and supreme accommodation for business conferences and a perfect hub for hosting incentive travel programs. Beside of being Scandinavian’s largest and liveliest metropolis - Copenhagen also offers creative and unique culinary experiences - superb golf courses and superior wellness and spa centres. Company officers and key personal will enjoy an incentive business travel to destination Copenhagen - and here they will feel the pulse beat of a vibrant Nordic capital surrounded by woods - sea - beaches as well as an exciting and atmospheric city life that is present all year round. Our incentive programme can also be conducted beyond Copenhagen in some tranquil surroundings and historical retreats some where in Denmark with plentiful of memorable experiences and unforgettable getaway moments.
Reward and motivate the staff
See you in Denmark - combining Business and pleasure - which is part of our Travel Incentives Programs.
Reward and motivate the staff
Business travel incentives are a good way to encourage and reward valuable employees and staff - as incentive travel motivates employees and sales personnel to put their best effort forward by improving employer performance and contribute to boost the bottom line. Not only does corporate travel incentives allow employees and associates to see and meet each other in a different setting - but also to combine business and vacation - and enjoy the getaway package to Copenhagen from their corporation.

The right travel incentive
In close cooperation with the client - we compose the right travel incentive program to Copenhagen or Denmark according to the reward and motivation plan created by the involved corporation or government institution.

Speciality and expertise
Our speciality and expertise are Incentive programmes & solutions. Guided Excursions & Tours. Conferences & Receptions. But most of all - our speciality is also to take care of our customers and nurse them - while they stay in Copenhagen and Denmark - right from a warm welcoming handshake and hello on arrival - to a truthful handshake and a heartfelt waving goodbye upon departure.

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Contact us!
Please contact us and tell us what you are seeking and how we can help - as we offer a wide range of tailor made and customized Inbound Travel Services. We will then study your feedback and estimated budget together with our inbound performance program and send you a proposal - as all requests are individually composed and organized.
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