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Copenhagen Restaurants and Danish Food Culture
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Restaurant Noma - The best in the world!
Awarded 3-times as the best restaurant in the world with two Michelin stars.

Visit and dine at this very extraordinary restaurant - situated in the historic quarters of Christianshavn and placed right at the waterfront. This is the only two Michelin star awarded restaurant in Denmark - and voted recently 3 times as the best restaurant in the world. Noma is a gastronomic leader serving Nordic cuisine and top-quality gourmet Seafood. Be aware that restaurant Noma is fully booked 3-5 months ahead and only take in reservation after this time.

If you are lucky to make a reservation within the next 3-5 months - then look forward to a gastronomic experience and treat that is second to none.
Noma: Tel.: 32 96 32 97

13 Michelin-starred restaurants
Copenhagen has 13 Michelin-starred restaurants - and welcomes Gourmet-Lovers to Scandinavians leading Gastronomic and Culinary capital.
Restaurant Christian 4 - Genuine Danish "Smørrebrød"
Kitchen Speciality – Danish “Smørrebrød” - Open-face sandwiches

Cosy and trendy restaurant situated at the Christianshavn district and name after King Christian IV – who was the founder of Christianshavn and the grand architect of the many historic buildings in Copenhagen.

You can taste all the delicious home made toppings on fresh baked bread and swallow a draught beer together with a potent kind of firewater called “Snaps”.

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday closed
Restaurant Christian 4 : Tel.: 35 11 04 04

King Christian IV ate 16 - 20 courses every evening
The Danish King Christian IV (1577-1648) ate up to 16 - 20 courses of different dishes every evening for dinner. Starting with soup and many side dishes - then lots of meat dishes and finally ended his supper with many sweets and desserts. He was also a quite chubby King!
Restaurant Cassiopeia - Danish Gourmet and Scandinavian cooking
Eat and enjoy Danish Gourmet and traditional cooking - with a splendid view over Skt. Jørgen’s Sø – (St. Jørgens’s Lake) and beside the Planetarium.

The restaurant offers a superb atmosphere and the gourmet restaurant was conceived from the desire to bring to Copenhagen a stylish eating parlour that amends Danish as well as international cuisine through an creative twist of its traditional recipes.

The restaurants speciality is called a “Stjerneskud” which is a Large “Shooting Star” - (fresh plaice speciality) - 1 steamed and 1 fried fillet of plaice with egg -
caviar - asparagus and prawns served with toast.

Restaurant Cassiopeia: Tel.: 33 15 09 33

DKK 2,00 - for a 3-course meal in 1930
In 1930 the establishment Lorry served a 3-course country dinner for DKK 2,-. According to the menu the dishes consist of:
Danish Meat Soup
Lam Casserole
Ice Cream with Chocolate
Den Danske Kro - Traditional Danish Cooking
Tasty dishes from the Danish Food Culture and great value for money. The inn is situated beside the H.C.Ørsted Park and the City lakes.

Den Danske Kro (The Danish Inn) serves the everyday traditional Danish dishes and here you certainly receive value for money. On the menu are all sorts of dishes representing the very best from the Danish Food Culture
and authentic classical meals from Denmark.

The restaurant offers the Danish buffet style lunch called "Store kolde bord" - "The grand cold table" - every Saturday from 12:30 to 16:00.
Den Danske Kro is closed at the present - and will open later - with a new concept.

Danish "Smørrebrød was on the menu around 1883
The first Danish "Smørrebrød" - open faced sandwiches - was introduced on the menu at Restaurant Nimb in Tivoli around 1883.
Aamanns Etablissement - Classical Danish Lunch with “Smørrebrød
Aamanns Etablissement was honoured in 2007 by the Danish Gastronomic Academy with a diploma for their culinary ease of the Danish “Smørrebrød”.

The Aamanns Etablissement offers delicious classical Danish lunch - which consist of the famous Danish "Smørrebrød" - open-faced sandwiches with rye bread garnished with various fresh types of cold cut and high quality toppings prepared in the traditional way.

The restaurant offers an exquisite setting for a pleasant lunch or dinner surrounded by black panels and mint green walls. Open from 12.00 - 23.00.

Aamanns Etablissement: Tel.: 35 55 33 10

The world longest coffee table
In 1967 - Copenhagen celebrated the cities 800 year jubilee and used the pedestrian and Shopping street “Strøget" to create the world’s longest coffee table being more than 1 km long and serving over 800,000 cups of coffee - 100,000 of the famous Town Hall pancakes - 80,000 pints of beer and 60,000 milk-shakes. There was engaged about 500 service personal to serve all people during the day.
Husmann’s Vinstue - Two original Danish Specialities every day
Husmann’s Vinstue was established in 1888 and is situated right in the Latin Quarters of Copenhagen and has a great reputation among Copenhageners.

The restaurant offers a hearty atmosphere and has a status of serving traditional Danish luncheon accentuating their - Husmann marinated herring - fried smoked eel with scrambled eggs - hand carved brisket of beef with horse radish and all sorts of really old and mature cheeses. The kitchen prepares two original Danish dishes every day - which is a daily speciality and culinary experience.

This restaurant is a favourite among locals - who go for authentic Danish cuisine and cosy surroundings and the historic interior - is covered with numerous paintings and photos.

Husmann's Vinstue: Tel.: 33 11 58 86

The world’s longest Hot Dog
The Danish Meat Trade College at Roskilde - 30 km from Copenhagen - celebrated their 25 year jubilee by creating the world’s longest Hot Dog. The Hot Dog was nearly 65 metres and the bread was bake in one piece. The sausage was filled with 50 kg minced meat and there was consumed 25 kg of mustard and 25 kg ketchup together with the long Hot Dog.
Det Lille Apotek - The Oldest Restaurant in Town from 1720
Det Lille Apotek - The Little Pharmacy - is the oldest restaurant in town serving original Danish dishes prepared from old Danish recipes.

At this restaurant the fairytale writer H.C. Andersen and philosopher Søren A. Kierkegaard - amongst other famous Danish artists regularly visited this very cozy and nostalgic eatery to enjoy an original Danish culinary experience. The place has a warm atmosphere and the food is delicious as well as the entire menu offering appetizers - main courses and desserts that taste great.

The restaurant is located in the centre of the historical Latin Quarters - just beside the Round Tower from 1642 - Copenhagen’s Cathedral from 1817 and the University from 1479.

Det Lille Apotek: Tel.: 33 12 56 06

The Biggest Egg Dish in Denmark
The biggest egg dish (omelette) produced in Denmark was in 1985 in the town of Vejle situated in Jutland. The cooks used 12,600 eggs and 10,000 pieces of bacon plus 20 kg of butter - which was spread over a saucepan that was 6,5 meter in diameter. The mayor was hoist up in a crane to spread 15 kg of fresh chive all over the warm egg dish.
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