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Harbour Bathing - Havnebad
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Harbour Bathing - "Havnebad"
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Havnebad - Harbour Bathing - Copenhagen
The Harbour Bathing facilities at Islands Brygge - with a lot of happy people and sunbathers at Havnebad.

Free Open Air Bathing in Central Copenhagen - "Havnebad"

Swim in Copenhagen Harbour - Summer and Winter
Since June 2002 the Copenhageners no longer need to visit the beaches in the summer season outside of the city to have a fresh swim in crystal clean blue water - as the bathing water around the harbour area has reached a quality equal to the bathing water at the many blue flag beaches on the coastline of Copenhagen. The harbour bathing facilities are for summer and winter bathers.

Clean water conditions
An advanced alarm system to ensure clean water conditions and the establishment of large underground rainwater basins to protect against contaminated wastewater to run into the harbour area - together with effective environmental investments has contributed to create large recreational areas in and around the harbour area.

Havnebad offers large Bathing Basins
The large bathing basin at Havnebad was established in the harbour area in 2002 as a floating unit and has since been a tremendous success from the very start - also due to the location nearby the city centre.
Safe Bathing Facilities at Havnebad
The local police regularly inspects the harbour bathing site on their daily stroll through the park area - ensuring that everyone is having an enjoyable time in a safe bathing environment.
Swim in clean sparkling water
Due to the historically clean water conditions in the harbour - new bathing facilities have been established near the centre of the city and are available for the citizens and tourists - who are eager to take on their bathing suits and jump into sparkling water - with high hygienic and sanitary standards. It's free - healthy - refreshing - and right in the heart of Copenhagen.
Cool Fresh and Clean Water
Harbour bathing on a hot summer day in cool fresh and clean water. The Island Brygge basin has a capacity of servicing more than 600 people and is a stationary unit.
June to the end of August
The opening of the harbour bathing season is from June to end of August - here are some very enthusiastic swimmers and lovely Copenhagen mermaids entering the harbour water.
Harbour bathing sites
Two free outdoor bathing sites in the harbour area have been established - The stationary bathing facility at Islands Brygge - with a capacity of roughly 600 people - opened in June 2002 near Langebro - and the floating harbour swim bath called Copencabana - close to the shopping mall Fisketorvet - with three basins that cover more than 650 square meters. The bathing facilities have life savers constantly on duty and both bathing places have from the very beginning been a great success. The Opening harbour bathing season is from June 1st - to August 31st - and a third harbour bathing plant is still in the planning stage.
Remember the 5 bathing guidelines:
- 1. Learn to swim
- 2. Never bathe alone
- 3. Learn to read the wind & water conditions
- 4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
- 5. Don't lose sight of children
Copenhagen Bathing History
The first harbour bathing in Copenhagen
The citizens of Copenhagen have always had access to outdoor bathing facilities and public baths beside the beach areas around Copenhagen. One of the first outdoor public bathing facilities in the city was actually placed near Langebro and called “Rysentens Badeanstalt” established about 1824. At that time the coastline went up to the centre of the town - as well as the harbour area and many small public bathing sites was in function alongside the waterfront.
Bathing Houses in 1800
Many small bathing houses was placed around the harbour areas of Copenhagen from the beginning of 1800. The picture from 1832 shows bathing houses on water - with the Church of Our Saviour and Christian's Church at the back.
Public Bathing Place in 1865
Picture from 1865 of the first public bathing place in Copenhagen called "Rysensten Badeanstalt". The establishment was built in 1824 in the inner harbour and not far from Langebro or the new modern harbour bathing site at Islands Brygge.
“Helgoland” Waterpark & Resort
The “Helgoland” Bathing Resort & Waterpark is one of the most popular public bathing establishments in Copenhagen. Helgoland Badeanstalt.
Public Bathing at “Helgoland”
One of the most popular open air public bathing facilities up to date was the “Helgoland” bathing resort – established in 1913 - situated out on the Oresound and 350 meters from the coastline. “Helgoland” was later demolished in 2004 - to give place for the present “Amager Strandpark” - which is the new beach and recreational area for Copenhageners located on east coast of Amager. The “Helgoland” bathing resort "Helgoland Badeanstalt" has been rebuilt as a modernised outdoor waterpark - and is again fully functional today - as well as being one of the most popular public bathing establishments in Copenhagen - with up-to-date swimming amenities for summer and winter bathing.

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Swimming in 1925 - "Helgoland"
The most popular public bathing place near the city was "Helgoland". The premises were established in 1913 and demolished in 2004. The picture is from "Helgoland" in 1925 - showing two passionate swimmers ready to dive in the fresh and clean waters of Oresund.
Sleeveless Bathing Costumes - 1928
Bathing Nymphs at the public bathing property "Helgoland" in 1928 - with the latest fashion in sleeveless bathing costumes and swimwear in woollen jersey. The two part bikini was later introduced in France in 1946.
The Harbour Bathing facilities is located on the Isle of Amager - and just over the Langebro Bridge with 10-15 minutes’ walk from the Town Hall Square. The "Helgoland" waterpark and bathing resort is situated beside the sandy shores of the newly established "Amager Strandpark".

Harbour Bathing - Free

Københavns Havnebad
Islands Brygge
110 meters south of Langebro

Harbour Bathing - Copenhagen
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