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Rigshospitalet - Copenhagen
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The Royal Danish Hospital and Copenhagen's University Hospital - "Rigshospitalet" from 1970. The red buildings in front are the first hospital complex that was built in 1910. © Rigshospitalet.

Frederik's Hospital and "Rigshospitalet"
The first hospital in Denmark was inaugurated in 1757 by King Frederik V (1723-1766 – ruled Denmark and Norway 1746-1766) on his birthday and named The Royal King Frederik’s Hospital - designed by the King’s leading court architect Nicolai Eigtved. The Hospital was located on Bredgade (Broad Street) in inner Copenhagen - and the rococo mansion was a part of the many fashionable properties around King Frederik V’s prominent Frederiksstad district from 1750 - with the Amalienborg Palaces as the centre point. The Royal Frederik’s Hospital was also the first hospital in Denmark with free treatment and care to sick persons without means - and nearly two thirds of the patients were treated without any charges. Since 1926 - the former hospital building is currently housing the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. The Royal Frederiks Hospital was closed in 1910 - and the foundation of "Rigshospitalet" was a reality the same year.

The Royal King Frederik Hospital - 1757
The Royal King Frederik Hospital from 1757 - was the first hospital with free treatment in Denmark - and was later replaced by the "Rigshopitalet" -also called The University Hospital. Photo from 1878.
Free hospital treatment in the 1800s
Many patients in the 1800s and 1900s were treated without any charges at Frederik's Hospital, as the main population was poor and unemployed. Painting from the hospital ward in 1888.
"Rigshospitalet" - Copenhagen University Hospital
In 1910 - the (new) "Rigshospital" was placed outside of the city in the Østerbro district for further expansion in mind - and the properties was built as a modern hospital complex for all commoners - rich or poor - with all the facilities for patient treatment and care. In 1970 - a new 16 floor hospital expansion was taken into use by Rigshospitalet and Copenhagen University Hospital with numerous speciality units for individual and special patient training - as well as health care in close co-operation with the entire Danish hospital system.

Over 12,000 Dedicated Employees
Together with over 12,000 dedicated employees including caring doctors - midwifes and nursing personal - the hospital trains - hosts and have the in-service advantages of students of medicine - together with other health care sciences - as well as scientists working within Rigshospitalet under a variety of research funding. The Copenhagen University Hospital prioritises the following areas of research - neuropsychiatry - cancer - immunology - transplantation - reproduction and other research funtions and activities.
The first "Rigshospital" was inaugurated in 1910
The (new) "Rigshospitalet" replaced The Royal Frederik's Hospital and was inaugurated in 1910, with modern hospital facilities located around the Østerbro Quarters and Fælledparken. The location was outside of the city centre in green and space full surroundings. Photo of Rigshospitalet in 1915.
The New "Rigshospital" was inaugurated 1970
The 16 story high hospital complex from 1970 houses "Rigshospitalet" - as well as Copenhagen University Hospital - and has since 1995 been an integrated part of the Copenhagen Hospital Corporation. The premises are situated beside the old hospital buildings from 1910.

The Largest hospital in Denmark
With more than 1.200 beds - "Rigshospitalet" is the largest hospital in Denmark - and has responsibility for 70,000 yearly inpatients and approximately 420.000 ambulant visits annually.

Copenhagen Hospital Corporation
Since 1995 - "Rigshospitalet" has been an integrated part of the Copenhagen Hospital Corporation - and is responsible for all functions and services within the hospital and health care system for the entire country.

250 years of Public service and health care

As "Rigshospitalet" has served its community for almost 250 years with admirable medical - nursing and allied health care across the country - the hospital has celebrated its official 250th year anniversary in 2007. Denmark has a reputation of having one of the best health care systems in the world.


Hospitals & Casualty Wards in Copenhagen
"Rigshospitalet" and all other Regional Hospitals (University Hospitals) in and around Copenhagen have intensive Casualty Wards - and many other Region Hospitals beyond Copenhagen offer these facilities and services. Here are some of the major hospitals in and around Copenhagen:

Amager Hospital - Phone: 38 62 82 82
Bisbebjerg Hospital - Phone: 38 63 50 00
Frederiksberg Hospital - Phone: 38 16 38 16
Gentofte Hospital - Phone: 38 67 38 67
Glostrup Hospital - Phone: 38 63 38 63
Herlev Hospital - Phone: 38 68 38 68
Hvidovre Hospital - Phone: 38 62 38 62

Emergency number in Denmark is: 112

See: Visitors Lounge
"Rigshospitalet" is located on the other side of the Lakes at the Østerbo district and next to the National Stadium Parken - Zoological Museum - and the grand public park named "Fælledparken". Many faculties of Copenhagen’s University are placed in and around the so called University Park. Among them - Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy Physics and Geophysics - The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - August Krogh Institute - The Faculty of Health Sciences (Panum Institut) etc.

Rigshospitalet - Copenhagen University Hospital

Copenhagen University Hospital
Blegdamsvej 9,
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: 35 45 35 45

Copenhagen University Hospital

Free Hospital Treatment
As a bonus visiting Denmark - all foreigners from all nations are entitled to free hospital treatment or use of casualty wards if an unexpected sickness or accident should occur during a temporary stay in Denmark. The patient's home transport is covered by the treated person.

Public Health Insurance
Persons visiting Denmark for a temporary period are covered by the Danish public health insurance system in accordance to agreements between Denmark and the visitor's home country.

Check Insurance Details

Always check all the details about the health - medical and hospital coverage in your travel insurance at home before travelling to Denmark.

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