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"Brændende Kærlighed" - Burning Love
Old National and Everyday Danish Dish

"Brændende Kærlighed" - Burning Love
This traditional Danish dish called “Brændende Kærlighed” - Burning Love - is presumably from the beginning of the 19th century - and originating from the rural areas in Denmark - where milk and potatoes - as well as salted pork and meat played a prominent role of the every day life at the farms with a heavy but poor peasant population. Danish cooking is well rooted in the rural kitchens across the country - where the need to make use of all natural products available on the many farms and country houses - where storages of long-lasting and preserved products - especially in the wintertime was healthy - nourishing and life saving. During the industrial revolution in Denmark at the end of the 19th century - many peasants migrated to the cities - and brought many old recipes with them - among them the Burning Love recipes “Brændende Kærlighed”. This traditional Danish dish is named Burning Love because the dish has to be served piping hot - and is at the same time very popular among the Danes - as it is easy and cheap to prepare and make. Yummie - Yummie in my tummy!
Burning Love - "Brændende Kærlighed"
"Brændende Kærlighed " - Burning Love
(Old traditional Danish dish)

The simple to prepare and serve dish is over 200 years old - and has been a traditional everyday meal for generations of Danes in the wintertime - and a must at the end of the month to save money - with delicious bacon and onions. This recipe stems from the rural areas around Denmark.
Burning Love

10 - 12

200-250 g
50 g
2 tbls
½ tsp


Diced bacon rashes (600 g)

Starchy potatoes
Cream or whole milk
Onions sliced in rings
Grated carrot (Option)
Ground nutmeg
Bunch chives
Bunch parsley
Garlic cloves (Option)

Use juicy cubes of bacon & lard

Fry the fresh and juicy cubes of bacon pieces well in butter and olive oil until they are very crispy and brown - and spread them on top of the shaped mashed potatoes - while the bacon is still very hot.

Fresh Vegetables and Starchy potatoes
Use fresh vegetables and starchy potatoes that will provide a fluffy mash potato mix.
Follow me...

Burning Love Recipe!

- Peel the starchy potatoes - and then cut them into half inch cubes.

- Bring the potatoes to the boil - and the let them cook for about 20-25 min - without salt.

- Put all bacon cubes on a "Teflon" non-stick frying pan and fry. Five minutes before ending frying the bacon cubes - add all the onion rings and fry together with the bacon - and let them soak up some of the juicy fat from the bacon - without turning brown and burnt. Then fry further until the bacon cubes are crispy and brown.

- Mash the potatoes after draining them - then gradually whip in butter - while adding cream or whole milk and whisk until the mashed potatoes are creamy - fluffy and airy. Season the mashed potatoes with salt - pepper and nutmeg - as to your liking and taste - as the bacon pieces are quite salty. Some like to add Garlic - as an extra ingredient and seasoning to their mash potato mix.

- Put the mash potatoes onto a plate and form it into a volcano shape - with a hole in the middle of the shaped mashed potatoes - right down to the surface of the warm plate. Fill the hole with crispy bacon and onion mix and serve with
melted butter - and as an option with pickled beat-root.

Creative toppings
Sprinkle chopped chives around the base of the plate to illustrate grass - place sprigs of parsley to resemble trees.

Put grated carrot on top to look like flames - and sprinkle nutmeg on the mashed potatoes to enhance the flavour and taste to complete the “Burning Love dish”.

Green tossed salad
As the Burning Love recipes and dish is quite filled with many calories - then serve it together with a healthy fresh green tossed salad including chopped - tomatoes - cucumber - onions - lettuce etc.

Ready-made "Burning Love dishes"

You can also buy various ready-made "Burning Love" dishes in supermarkets and large grocery stores- prepared the traditional Danish way.

- Enjoy your meal!

Other "Burning Love" Subjects!
Burning Love - Elvis Presley
Fabulous - King of rock 'a roll Elvis Presley's cover version of Burning Love became much more popular than the original version - sung by soul artist Arthur Alexander - and Elvis Presley's version was released as a single on August 1 - 1972. Burning Love was performed by Elvis Presley's at his great Aloha from Hawaii concert - which was transmitted live and worldwide via satellite 1973.

The Danish in-house-plant -
Burning Love - "Brændende Kærlighed"
The in-house plant and flower - Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana - and known in Denmark as "Koraltop" is also called "Brændende Kærlighed" (Burning Love) in Denmark.

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