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Copenhagen Interactive Map & Sightseeing Adventure - Examples 
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Example and Tutor Guide - Interactive Map & Sightseeing Adventure
Step by step example and tutor guide - when using the Interactive Map
Move the mouse over the selected icon and place on the Interactive Map - here Amalienborg Palace
When the mouse is over the place of interest a pop-up window will appear - here Amalienborg Palace
Click then once to show the web-page that describes Amalienborg Palace in details and in a historical perspective, with many interesting topics related to Amalienborg Palace. In this example a part of the web-page is scaled-down to demonstrate the content and layout.
A part of the scaled-down web-presentation for Amalienborg Palace...
  and much more...  
  from the bottom part...  
  At the end of every web-page presented in the Interactive Map and Sightseeing Adventure programme - there will be a map-image of the location plus address and information of other interesting places located nearby etc.  
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