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Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
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Former (SAS) Royal Hotel
Once the highest "skyscraper" in 1960 - and an architectural Mecca in Copenhagen
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(Radisson Blu Royal Hotel)
The former and legendary Radisson SAS Royal Hotel is located in the city centre opposite Tivoli Gardens. Today the hotel has changed it name to Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.
The SAS Royal Hotel
When the five star SAS Royal Hotel was completed in 1960 - it was the very first skyscraper in Copenhagen - and an architectural Mecca inside - with its 20 stories high structure - and a significant building being a part of Copenhagen's skyline right in the centre of the city.
The new "skyscraper" in Copenhagen - 1958
The SAS hotel during construction in 1958 - with the Liberty Memorial in front. The building of the new "skyscraper" in Copenhagen was followed with great interest by the Copenhageners and tourists visiting the city.
The SAS Hotel is designed by Arne Jacobsen
The rooms at the SAS hotel in 1960 - on opening day with furniture and fabric designed by famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. The well-known "Egg" chairs designed especially for the new hotel at the back.

Design by Arne Jacobsen
The entire Hotel building construction - and Air Terminal was designed by world famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) - who also designed several pieces of the hotels furniture - lamps and fabrics - glasses and door handles right down to the stainless-steel cutlery and ceramic ashtrays. The Radisson SAS Royal Hotel is also called the Arne Jacobsen building - and one of his architectural masterpieces.

The Egg - Swan - and Royal Suit 606
The world famous "Egg" and "Swan" chairs were designed especially for the Royal Hotel by Arne Jacobsen - and are placed around the Lobby and other sitting areas. The original and famous Arne Jacobsen Royal Suite 606 is the only room in the hotel where everything from door handles to furniture and curtains is designed by Jacobsen - and a décor from the opening of the hotel in July 1960. For Arne Jacobsen fans and design lovers - it is a must to either stay or visit this special room 606 - when appropriate.

The legendary Lobby area
The lobby area at the Radisson Blu (SAS) Royal hotel - with the legendary steps to the first floor. The lobby area was designed in 1960 - and still intact - modernised - and in full function.
The famous Royal Suite 606
The original and famous Arne Jacobsen Royal Suite 606 - is the only room in the hotel where everything from door handles to furniture and curtains is designed by Jacobsen.
Arne Jacobsen - 1902-1971
Arne Jacobsen's comments to his new skyscraper 1960

Many Copenhageners had different remarks to the cities new skyscraper - and Arne Jacobsen had the following comments about the SAS Royal hotel at the end of completion:

"Well, yes, they call it the punch card, and it’s funny, for that is actually what it looks like when the windows are open on a hot summer’s day. It has been called a lot of different things. Some persons called it the 'glass cigar box'. And many people thought it was a terribly ugly building, and many may still think so. At least, it came in first when they held a competition for the ugliest building in Copenhagen."
The legendary "Chair no. 7"
Beside of the design the classic "Egg" and "Swan" chairs Arne Jacobsen is perhaps best known for the design of the model 3107 chair from 1955 – Also called the “Number 7 Chair”, which has sold over 5 million copies.
Two masterpieces - The "Egg" and "Swan"
The two Classic masterpieces by Arne Jacobsen - the "Egg" and "Swan" chairs both designed for the Radisson SAS Hotel in 1958 - is still in production and can be purchased.
The legendary "chair no. 7"- model 3107
The legendary "chair no. 7" model 3107 - designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen - has sold over 5 millions copies world wide - and is still in production and obtainable.
International acclaim and reputation
Arne Jacobsen had numerous of successful design projects behind him and he received several international distinctions and medals for his outstanding work and design brilliance, which won him both national and international acclaim and reputation.
Located in the city centre
The Radisson Blu (SAS) Royal Hotel has changed it name to Radisson Blu Royal - and is one of the major hotels in Copenhagen with an legendary status - and located near Tivoli - The Liberty Memorial - Central Station - Vesterport Station - Axel Square and the Planetarium. Rooms overlooking Tivoli are available upon request and the restaurant on the 20th floor offers an impressive view over the city.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 Copenhagen V

Busses: 15 - 30 - 40 - 66 - 2A - 5A - 250S

Trains - Central Station – Vesterport Station

Radisson SAS Royal Hotel (Former)
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