Gefion Fountain - Copenhagen

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Gefion Fountain - Copenhagen
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The Gefion Fountain
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The Gefion Fountain was revealed in 1908 and is one of the largest monuments in Copenhagen.
Gefion Fountain
The imposing Gefion Fountain is placed in a corner of Churchillparken (Churchill Park) near the Langelinie waterfront - and is one of the largest monuments in Copenhagen. The sculptures were created by Anders Bundgaard (1864-1937) - featuring a large group of naturalistic strong oxen’s pulling the plough of legendary Norse goddess Gefion.

Donation by the Carlsberg Foundation
Gefion Fountain was donated by the Carlsberg Foundation as a gift to the city on the occasion of the Carlsberg brewery’s 50 year anniversary in 1897. The figures of the fountain was created from 1897-1904 by sculptor Anders Bundgaard (1864-1937) in rented facilities at the Danish Cryolite Company - as his own workshop had limited space to fulfil such a large project. The entire fountain with the basins and sculptors were completed and revealed in 1908 to the public.
Sculptor Anders Bundgaard and Gefion
The Sculptor Anders Bundgaard in his workshop working with the sculptors of the oxen and the Goddess - here masterly illustrated and painted by Hugo Larsen in 1904. The large studio was rented on the loft of the Danish Cryolite Company.
Gefion Fountain - Popular Venue - 1920
The Gefion Fountain in the 1920s was a great outing place - and a popular venue. Many photographers earned their living here by immortalizing visitors in a picture beside the new attraction in Copenhagen - as an ever lasting memory.
The Goddess Gefion
The monument of the Gefion fountain illustrated the energetic Norse Goddess Gefion - who swings her whip over her sons. At the backs of the oxen water sprays up from behind the wheels and the plough. The water coming out of the oxen nostrils emphasises the power and strength the oxen put into their work.
Renovated for 20 million DKK
The entire fountain was renovated in 2000 for more than 20 million DKK - and is brought back to its monumental glory as a well functional attraction.
The Norse Goddess Gefion
The energetic Norse Goddess Gefion - who swings her whip over her sons that are turned into powerful oxen's, are the main features of the fountain.

The Goddess created Zealand
The powerful goddess Gefion - who according to the story originated from Norse mythology - was offered as much land in Sweden as she was able to plough during one day and one night by the Swedish King Gylfe. To fulfil this task she turned her four sons into strong oxen’s. Gefion and the oxen’s did their job so well that they were able to create Zealand the Island where Copenhagen is situated. This great work left a huge hole in Sweden - where Lake Vänern is placed. On a map you will notice that the outline of Zealand matches the outline of Lake Vänern.

A miniature Gefion Fountain

An exact miniature of the Gefion Fountain called “Little Gefion”, was built by the same creator of the original Gefion Fountain Sculptor Anders Bundgaard in 1901 as a model. The miniature Gefion Fountain was later erected in front of Bispebjerg Hospital in 1915 - and is still in function.

Wishing Well
Gefion Fountain is a popular tourist attraction - and is used as a wishing well by thousands of visitors every year.

The Gefion Fountain is located beside the Old Citadel - English Church - Resistance Museum - The Little Mermaid - Langelinie Quay.
The Gefion Fountain


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The Gefion Fountain
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