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The Royal Danish Playhouse
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The Royal Danish Playhouse
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The Royal Playhouse is beautifully placed at the waterfront and is a architectural landmark of the city.
Where acting and plays become alive and real
The new Royal Playhouse was inaugurated in February 2008 - and is the new national stage for the dramatic arts in Denmark. The new Playhouse is located beautifully at the waterfront of Copenhagen’s harbour - and is already considered as an architectural pearl - as well as a designated City Landmark that has been planned and projected for over 130 years. Today’s theatre-loving audience will face the ultimate in theatrical experience together with a world class indoor acoustics that makes acting and plays become more live and real than ever - and creates a superb interaction between the audience and the cast members on stage.
The magnificent glass facade that surrounds the foyer and restaurant area at the Playhouse - faces the waterfront and gives the visitor a fantastic city view over the harbour area.
The footbridge alongside the Playhouse with rural oak planks - invites visitors to experience a scenic promenade with the Opera and the royal residence Amalienborg Palace as its nearby neighbours.
A work of art
The Royal Playhouse is designed by two Danish architects - Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg - who have delivered a work of art with a stunning piece of modern architectural features and luxurious design that are second to none. The new theatre has a large auditorium - a grand waterfront foyer and alongside the building a long promenade made of rural oak planks that is connected to the main walkways into the city. The Playhouse - café and restaurant are open from 8 AM to midnight.

Three types of stages
The Playhouse offers three types of stages. One large stage with an orchestra pit for 30 musicians and 650 seats. Stage two is t called the flexible “Port Scene” with 200-250 seats. Stage three is an intimate stage for experimental performances with almost 100 seats.
The view from the Opera building with Amalienborg Palace situated opposite the Opera and a close neighbour to the Royal Playhouse.
The Opera with its beautiful facade was inaugurated in 2005 and nearby neighbour to Amalienborg Palace and the Royal Playhouse.
History meets modern architecture at the waterfront
The location of the Royal Playhouse is a scenic experience for visitors - tourists and theatregoers – as the Playhouse is situated near the Royal residence Amalienborg Palace from 1750 - Amalie Gardens and it opposite neighbour The Copenhagen Opera House - "Operaen" - which is one of the world’s most modern opera stages - inaugurated January 2005.
The Royal Playhouse is located near Nyhavn - The Yellow Palace - Amalienborg Palace - Amalie Gardens - The Marble Church and The Opera.

The Royal Playhouse


Sankt Annæ Plads 36
1250 København K

Water Taxi - Copenhagen Water Taxi sails to and from the Royal Playhouse

Distance from Town Hall Square 5 km. and expect
20-30 min. by walk.

The Royal Danish Playhouse
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