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The Black Diamond - The Royal Library
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The Black Diamond - The Royal Library
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The new Royal library called "The Black Diamond" facing the waterfront.
The Royal Library called "The Black Diamond"

On September 15th 1999 the Royal Library's extension at Copenhagen’s harbour front - The Black Diamond - was inaugurated. The construction of the Diamond had been going on since 1996 and fulfilled an age long dream of an extension of the old Royal Library. Site

Visit the "Black Diamond"
You can pay this architectural peal at the waterfront a visit and experience the atmosphere among books -exhibitions activities - shops - restaurant - café etc. surrounded by Scandinavian building design at its very best.

The Building
The Diamond is clad in 2,500 m2 black granite - mined in Zimbabwe and cut and polished in northern Italy. Each stone weighs 75 kg. The steel joist in the Atrium - manufactured in Poland - and weighs one tonne per metre. The glass walls of the Reading Rooms - made in Germany - are 6 metres high - 2,4 metres wide and 16 mm thick weighing 576 kg each. The height is 29 m from the basement to the glass ceiling in the Atrium - and the library is equipped wit a total of 450 rooms and 800 doors.
Inside entrance up to the main library and reading rooms at "The Black Diamond"
The main entrance to the old buildings of the Royal Library just opposite the Danish Parliament.
The Black Diamond is located at the waterfront just beside the old Royal Library and Christiansborg Palace with all the governments’ administrations buildings. There is just 10 minutes of walk from the Town Hall Square.
The Black Diamond


"The Black Diamond"
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
The Royal Library
1016 Copenhagen K

The Black Diamond - The Royal Library
Public Libraries are great information and service centers
for tourists and visitors.
Use the facilities like Internet, fax-service, copying facilities etc.,
and obtain much more information about Copenhagen
Libraries are info venues for tourists
As a tourist visiting Copenhagen we recommend you to use your local library if you are seeking information about the city or just want to use facilities like Internet, fax-service, copying facilities etc. You will often find a library nearby where you are lodging, or use this link with a map over libraries placed around Copenhagen.

The Danish word for library is "Bibliotek". CPH -Libraries
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