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Den Blå Planet
A 5 Star Tourism Site and Attraction in Copenhagen
Inside the Blue Planet Aquarium (Den Blå Planet) the visitor can experience a "fish's eye view" of life under water - and a fantastic aquatic displays in gigantic tanks holding over 10million litres of salt and fresh water.
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The Blue Planet - Denmark’s National Aquarium
In March 2013 - Denmark’s Aquarium moved to brand new and larger ultra modern plus ocean-inspired sea world resort called The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet) - that will replace the former Denmark’s Aquarium building from 1939 - which since has been Denmark's Aquarium for generations of Danes. The new aquarium complex will consist of 55 tanks holding 10 million liters of water - and will be one of the most innovative Sea World premises of its kind in Europe. The new Sea World Resort and "The Blue Planet" Aquarium (Den Blå Planet) in Copenhagen will exhibit the natural wonders of the mighty oceans - and will allows visitors to get a close-up look at an incredible variety of marine life in gigantic aquariums filled with over 20.000 exotic marine animals and 450 different species living in cold - warm - salt and fresh water environments - created in over 55 aquariums - some with under water glass tunnels. The aquarium exhibits will put people at the centre of underwater life displaying a gigantic shark tank that wraps around visitors - a Faroese bird colony - coral reefs teeming with tropical fish that span the spectrum of colours - and a dripping rain forest complete with animals - penguins and a new Baltic Sea aquarium - and animals from the mangroves and tropical lagoons - as well as a seal and sea lion sanctuary.


The Largest Tank will be filled with Hammerhead Sharks - Sharks - Rays - Sea Turtles - Barracudas - Moray Eels and Groupers.

The biggest Aquarium will have a capacity of
4 million liters of water and has a height of 7 meters.

Oceanic Manta Rays
The big Oceanic Manta Rays will be swimming in the largest aquarium at The Blue Planet. The Mantas are the largest species of the rays - and reach at least 7 metres in width. These rays live typically in tropical and subtropical waters - although Oceanic Manta Rays can move into temperate waters. These graceful swimmers eat microscopic plankton - tiny crustaceans and small fish. Rays have no teeth - but sieve their food.
Hammerhead Sharks
The Hammerhead Sharks are the biggest sea creatures at The Blue Planet Oceanarium - and will be swimming in the largest aquarium together with sharks - rays - sea turtles - barracudas - moray eels and groupers. The Hammerhead Sharks will be the biggest species at The Blue Planet - and can reach a length of 6-7 meters. The great Hammerhead Sharks swim in tropical and sub-tropical waters worldwide.
A fabulous under water journey
The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet) is located on the east shores of Amager - right beside the beautiful Amager Strandpark (Amager Beach Park) that offers picnic - recreation areas as well as leisure facilities. The new Sea World resort and Ocean Park will be added to other 5 star attractions in Copenhagen - with a potential to be a new landmark of the city. The Blue Planet is surrounded by the waters of Oresound - and the new aquatic venue is formed as a giant swirl with 5 arms inviting visitors to join in a fabulous under water journey - and explore all the activities around in the different aquariums that are placed away from the circular lobby - which is the centre of the under world exhibitions with thousands of various sea creatures in over 10 million litres of water.
The Blue Planet - A New Aquatic Venue
The Blue Planet Aquarium will be the new aquatic venue for Denmark's National Aquarium with ultra modern and ocean-inspired facility placed directly on the shores of the east cost of Amager - and one of the largest Sea World Resorts in Europe.
The Coral Reefs
The Coral Reefs section at the new oceanarium will feature many species of tropical fish - as well as small sharks - moray eels - octopuses and sea horses - plus a variety of beautiful corals - planktons and colourful underwater sea plants.

The Blue Planet is the new Aquatic Venue for Denmark's National Aquarium - and is one of the largest Sea World Resorts in Europe.
The Tropical Oceans
The largest tank in The Blue Planet will feature life from the tropical oceans - and will contain a large variety of aquatic sea creatures - displaying sizeable sharks and rays - sea turtles - barracudas - moray eels and groupers will be among the highlights. The tank will be 7 metres high - and will contain 4 million litres of water - featuring a under water glass tunnel throughout the aquarium. And the biggest species in The Blue Planet Aquarium will be the hammerheads sharks - with a length up to 6-7 metres.

Pieces of the Ocean and various landscapes
The man made aquariums - at Denmark’s new oceanarium displays recreated pieces from the oceans and land areas on The Blue Planet like - The Coral Reefs - The Amazon - The African Lakes - The Danish Lakes - Rivers and Oceans - The Faroe Islands - The Mediterranean - The Mighty Ocean - etc. - which will include temperated
water environments with both salt and fresh water - as a part of the rain forest and ocean habitats.
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Location - The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet)
The location of Denmark's new Aquarium - The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet) is situated on the east cost of the isle of Amager right beside the Amager Beach Park - and approx. 8-9 km from the centre of Copenhagen.

Denmark's Aquarium - The Blue Planet
(Den Blå Planet)

Danmarks Akvarium - "Den Blå Planet"
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1
2770 Kastrup

Transport: Metro - S-train - Bus

The Blue Planet - Denmark's Aquarium
(Den Blå Planet)
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