Det kimer nu til julefest - Christmas Hymn

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Kerstin Blodig
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Det kimer nu til Julefest - Christmas Hymn
Kerstin Blodig
Det kimer nu til jule fest - 1811 (The Bells are Chiming for the Christmas festival) is one of the most popular Christmas songs in Denmark and was written in 1811 by the Danish national legend - Lutheran pastor and hymn-writer N.S.F. Grundtvig - who also was a very active philosopher - historian - teacher and politician. N.S.F Grundtvig wrote more than 250 hymns and was the founder of the "Folkehøjskole" - Folks High School - in 1844 and is followers called Grundtvigians was very influential in the formulation of modern Danish national consciousness. N.F.S. Grundtvig was born in 1783 and died at the age of 88 - in 1872.
The above hymn is a must of songs that is chosen for singing in church during the Christmas Eve Services in Denmark. The video presents singer Kerstin Blodig performing - Det kimer nu til julefest.

YouTube video presentation with Kerstin Blodig a Scandinavian singer and guitarist performing - Det kimer nu til julefest - (The Bells are Chiming for the Christmas festival) by N.S.F Grundtvig.

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