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André Rieu
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ANDRÈ RIEU - Concert & Show - Copenhagen
André Rieu
André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu - born 1. October 1949 in Maastricht - is a Dutch violinist - conductor and composer - best known for creating the waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra.

The Dutch violinist who - with his popularity fills halls - stadiums and concert halls worldwide - will guest Copenhagen. With him - he has his 60-man Johann Strauss Orchestra. The famous Violinist from Maastricht has his priceless 276 year old Stradivarius Violin tucked under his chin - which is at all times accompanied by a body guard. Stradivarius violins - sometimes shortened to “Strads” - are regarded as amongst the finest stringed instruments ever created and are highly prized. And his Stradivarius Violin brings his music to a much wider band receiver than violinists usually plays. André Rieu is in other words - popular all over the world and makes his concerts at a party - where the audience rarely sits down during the entire concert. He includes his musicians in the festival - and they grab on like a little roll on the way or getting up and clapping rhythmically along with the audience.

André Rieu has a passion for Austrian composer Johan Strauss II - and his waltz music - and what could be more obvious then to play a video with the everlasting An der schönen blauen Donau (The waltz over all waltzes) from 1866 - The Blue Danube Waltz with André Rieu - with his 60-man Johann Strauss Orchestra. Lean back and enjoy this music piece together with a happy and cheerful audience.
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