Caritas Fountain - Copenhagen

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Caritas Fountain
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The Caritas Fountain - Gammeltorv
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The Caritas Fountain was re-established on Gammeltorv in 1608

The Caritas Fountain - Gammeltorv (Old Square)
As a gift from King Christian IV (1577-1648 - ruled Denmark and Norway 1588-1648) to the citizens of Copenhagen - the Caritas Fountain was rebuilt in 1608 - and placed at Gammeltorv - (Old Square) after it was moved and re-established from the opposite square Nytorv (New Square). Gammeltorv is the oldest square in Copenhagen - and was established around 1300 - when the first town hall was built here. Gammeltorv and Nytorv also represented one of the main points of intersection in the city to the most important streets from the city gates - and especially the Pedestrian Street "Strøget". Nytov & Gammeltorv

Gammeltorv and the Caritas Fountain in 1860
Gammeltorv and the Caritas Fountain in 1860 - with Copenhagen's Cathedral on the right - and the tower of St. Petri Church on the left.
Market at Caritas Fountain
Market day around the Caritas Fountain in 1890 - where locals - peasants and traders from outside of Copenhagen had their stands.
Market Days at the Caritas fountain
On the two weekly market days - the square was filled with locals - peasants and traders from the outside of Copenhagen. Women from special areas outside the city walls had their stands at the Caritas fountain - where they offered wares for sale - milk - eggs - poultry and rabbits. Each square in the city had its own goods for sale - and many traders wore costumes indicating from which part of town or vicinity they came from. The Caritas Fountain was also a part of Copenhagen’s water supply system - with a great well under the fountain - where water was led trough hollow boles from Emdrup Lake situated about 10 km from the city and called the Caritas well.
On special occasions golden apples bounces on the water jets. See top photo.
The Goddess “Caritas”
The Goddess of generosity “Caritas” with her suckling child on her arm is the head figure on the fountain - which is considered to be one of the finest monuments in Copenhagen from the renaissance period. When members of the royal family - as well as on Constitution Day (June 5) - and other special occasions - golden apples bounces on the water jets of the fountain. This special tradition started in the first half of the 1700’s.

Popular Venue and Fountain
The Caritas Fountain went through a complete restoration 1993-1997 - and is a popular gathering place for folks who visit the square.
The Caritas Fountain is located on Gammeltorv just beside the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” - and opposite Nytorv - where the Courthouse is situated.
Caritas Fountain

Caritas Fountain
Gammeltorv - Old Square

Busses: 1A - 2A - 6A - 350S

20 minutes walk from the Town Hall Square

Caritas Fountain - Gammeltorv
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