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"Koldskål" - Fridge Buttermilk
Old country dessert - and National dish
Fridge Buttermilk (Koldskål) appeared in the Danish households - as an every day dish - when buttermilk became common in Denmark in the early 1900s - and was eaten chilled most days during the summer - as a dessert or milky drink. In Denmark it is a must to serve "Koldskål" with crispy cookies “Kammerjunkere” - (rusk biscuits) - during the summer months and season. No Danish summer - without "Koldskål".
How to prepare "Koldskål" with Vanilla and Lemon flavour
A national Danish summer dessert or drink
Koldskål - Fridge buttermilk & Calories
Old country dessert from all regions of Denmark made in different variations and especially served during the summer season. This recipe is without eggs and the editorial staffs' favourite - but this milky dessert consists of some well meaning calories! Calories aren't bad for you. Your body needs calories for energy. But eating too many calories - and not burning enough of them off through activity - can lead to a little bit of weight gain.

1 litre
0.5 litres
0.5 litres
5-6 tablespoons
2 teaspoons
3 teaspoons
1 potion

Curdles milk (junket)
Whipping Cream 38%
Sugar (your choice)
Vanilla sugar or from stick
Fresh lemon juice
Crispy Rusk biscuits-cookies

Crispy biscuits (Kammerjunkere) cookies

250 g
1 tsp
1 tsp
½ tsp
50 g
100 g
½ dl

Baking powder
Vanilla sugar
Butter or Margarine
Milk or Cream

Ready-made "Koldskål"
Ready-made "Koldskål" is produced in nearly every dairy in Denmark and more than 1,5 million litres are consumed every month in the summer season.
Follow me step by step...

Put all of the milky products in a suitable size bowl - then ad the amount of sugar you prefer - vanilla and lemon juice.

Stir and then whip the dessert with a hand whisk until the sugar is dissolved and the dessert is turned into a smooth and thick mixture with a rich creamy consistency.

Then set it to cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

Serve the chilled dessert with crispy Rusk biscuits - cookies. (Kammerjunkere)

Crispy Rusk biscuits - Cookies (Kammerjunkere)
Rusk Cookies
Mix and Bake
Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl until you have achieved an airy and steady dough. Then form the dough to small balls
3-5 cm on a baking sheet. Bake the cookies in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.
The cookies are a “must” in the Danish "Koldskål" - Fridge buttermilk.

Ready-made -Cookies (Kammerjunkere)
You can also buy the crispy Rusk biscuits - cookies
(Kammerjunkere) in any Danish supermarket and grocery store.

Ready-made "Koldskål"
You can also buy ready-made "Koldskål" - and according to figures from the Danish Dairy Board - Danish dairies produced 1.5 million litres of “koldskål” every month in the summer season in different variations and flavours.

Anyone - who reads this recipe - are welcome to tell us the correct English translation of the word "Kammerjunkere".

See Eating and traditional Danish food culture

Velbekomme! - (Means - Enjoy your meal in Danish!)

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