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"Marinated Herring"
(Marinated Herring is served in numerous varieties in Denmark)
Preservation of fish has been known and used since the Viking era for more than thousand years - and salt and vinegar was the based ingredients to preserve fish. The ancient methods of preserving fish included drying - salting - pickling and smoking - and all of these techniques are still used today by using more modern techniques of freezing - conservation and canning. On sailing vessels fish were usually salted down immediately to prevent spoilage - and modern freezing and canning methods have largely supplanted older methods of preservation. In the 19th century people in common households started to marinate herrings to obtain a more delicate seafood menu. Marinated or pickled herring (picture ©) is a delicacy in Scandinavia and especially in Denmark where herring is marinated is numerous varieties such as Herring in curry - Herring in sherry - Herring pickled - Herring spiced - Herring in mustard - Herring with onions etc. Initially - herring is cured with salt to extract water. The second stage involves removing the salt and adding flavourings - typically the base ingredient vinegar - salt - sugar solution to which ingredients like peppercorn - bay leaves and raw onions are added. In recent years also other flavours have been added due to foreign influences. For many generations the marinated herring (pickled herring) is a must at Easter in Denmark - and on the yellow decorated Easter tables together with Danish “Snaps” and strong Easter beer. (Påskebryg) Picture Copenhagenet - ©.
How to prepare Marinated Herring!
A Scandinavian and Danish delicacy from the Viking Era.

Marinated Herring
(Danish Marinated Herring - Recipes)

For many generations the marinated herring is a must at Easter in Denmark - and on the yellow decorated Easter tables together with Danish “Snaps” and strong Easter beer. (Påskebryg)

Ingredients - Marinated Herring

3-4 ounces
7 ounces
medium size
medium size

If preferred


Marinated Herring

Herring fillets
Tablesspoons of Sugar
Teaspoon whole black pepper
Onion sliced thin
Red onion sliced thin
Bay leaves
Teaspoon dill seeds
Teaspoon whole allspice

Teaspoon mustard seeds
Whole cloves
Salt and pepper - Your taste

Star anise
Teaspoon fennel seeds

Curry Marinated Herrings
Curry marinated herrings is a true delicacy - and a sort of herring that is a must on the Easter Table.
Spiced Marinated Herrings
Spiced marinated herring is the normal type of herring together with the white preserved herring - both kinds of marinated herrings are eaten on the Danish "Smørrebrød" open faced sandwich - and is an every day dish. The two sorts of herring must be found on the Christmas and Easter tables - and washed down with "Snaps" and Danish Easter brew.

Follow me...

Marinated Herring
(Pickled herring)

6 fresh herrings filleted
- soak in cold salted water for 12 hours.

Roll each fillet around.

Place the rolls in a clean glass jar or crock.

Arrange the onion rings and bay leaves between the rolls. Add
whole black pepper - dill seed -
whole allspice - mustard seed - whole cloves - salt and pepper.

Combine the vinegar - sugar - water and salt in a saucepan - and bring to the boiling point - then remove from the heat and cool.

Pour the cooled mixture over the herring rolls and cover the jar.

Let stand in the refrigerator 1 week before serving.

The marinated herring rolls will keep 3 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Herring is served on:
Warm rustic rye bread with butter or lard and fresh onions.

Serve with supplements
The marinated Herrings can be served with potatoes
- hard boiled eggs - scrimps - carry dressing - caviar - lettuce - radish - tomatoes - red onions - capers - pickled gherkins and fresh dill.

Easter and Christmas traditions
Marinated Herring is a must and a tradition to serve at Christmas and especially Easter in Denmark at the cold buffet lunch table.

Ready-made "Marinated Herring"

You can also buy various ready-made Marinated Herrings in supermarkets that have a wide selection of choices with specific taste from all parts of Denmark.

See Eating and traditional Danish food culture

Pickled Herring Lunch Plate
A typical lunch plate with various types of Danish pickled herring -and different supplements - which is on many luncheon menus at restaurants and eating places in Denmark.

Velbekomme - Enjoy your meal!

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