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"Gule Ærter" - Split-Pea Soup
A Old National and Everyday Dish
”Gule ærter” - Split-Pea Soup - is an old Danish dish that is more than 200 years old. The dish originated in the rural regions - and country kitchens - and slowly spread its way to the city areas - as an everyday meal for the working class - but a speciality at restaurants - with several variations of the split-pea soup recipes. The yellow split-pea soup was - and is a must in the wintertime - with pork related supplements to the dish like heavy pork sausages "Medisterpølse" - Danish "Sylte" - head cheese or brawn - “Kogt flæsk” - slices of juicy cooked pork on the bone and marinated beetroot plus strong mustard. The split-pea soup with all the healthy vegetables and side supplements of pork varieties is one of the Danes favourite dishes and recipes - that is prepared - served and eaten as a delicacy all over Denmark. The picture shows the split-pea soup recipes with pork neck fillet.
"Gule Ærter" - Split-Pea Soup - pork neck fillet
"Gule Ærter" med nakkekam
(Split-Pea Soup with pork neck fillet)
The dish is over 200 years old and has been a traditional everyday meal for generations of Danes that just want to taste some warm healthy soup in the wintertime. One of the most popular recipes "Gule Ærter" med nakkekam.(Split-Pea Soup with pork neck fillet)


600 g
400 g
2 cups
½ teaspoon

½ kg

Pork neck fillet
Salted bacon
Yellow split peas
Medium potatoes
Luxury patty shells

Big pork sausages
Slices of pork on the bone
Cold head cheese or brawn sliced

Marinated beetroot
Strong mustard
Rye Bread

Pork supplements to Split-Pea
Cooked pork related supplements to the Split-Pea Soup dish like heavy pork sausages - Danish "Sylte" - head cheese or brawn - beetroot and strong Mustard.
"Medisterpølse" and Pork on the Bone
Cooked Danish Sausage called - "Medisterpølse" - and slices of pork on the bone cooked - is a delicacy for Danes together with Split-Pea Soup.
Follow me...

"Gule Ærter" - Split-Pea Soup with pork neck fillet


Put the split-peas to soak in plenty of water overnight in refrigerator. Cut the pork neck fillet in regular rustic pieces.

Come neck fillet in a saucepan. Add water so it just covers. Bring water to boil and foam. Cut carrots - onions - leek and potatoes in regular pieces. Add the cleaned vegetables and potatoes in whole pieces plus cloves of garlic and a bit of chilli. Cook the vegetables and potatoes till they are gentle. Take them up and cool them. Add the soaked drained split-peas - when all the vegetables are raised. Cook until meat and the split-peas are tender.

The meat should cook approx. 1 ½ hours and the neck fillet pieces should be very tender.

Cut bacon into oblong pieces and warm them before serving.

Save 1 cup of the soup and boil it down to only 2 tablespoons of stock. Come the split-pea soup in the blender. Blend the soup and strain it. Put in the tender cuts of neck fillet in the soup.
Heat and season with salt and pepper. Add more chilli if necessary.

Serve with all the pork supplements
Put the soup in soup bowls and serve with the cooked pork sausages and pork on the bone together with the cold head cheese or brawn.

Supplement: Marinated beetroot - strong mustard and warm rye bread

Ready-made "Gule Ærter" - Split-Pea Soup

You can also buy various ready-made "Gule Ærter" - Danish Split-Pea Soup in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Eating and traditional Danish food culture

Velbekomme - Enjoy your meal!

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