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Editors' Monthly Newsletter - and Tourism Info
10 . Edition - October - 2018
The Deer Park - Eremitagen
Visit the Deer Park (Dyrehaven) north of Copenhagen in October and enjoy the beautiful changing fall foliage plus all the deer’s around the marvellous woodland.
Delightful Denmark - Jelling
The historical Jelling Stones is located on the east coast of mid Jutland - and considered to be "The Birth Certificate of Denmark" - and the Christening of the Danes over thousand years ago.
Danish Wine Production
There are over 80 wine producers and wineries in Denmark with a production of a superb range of premium award winning wines.
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen
The Cruise Terminal at Langeline and Nordhavnen will harbour 13 Cruise Ships in October 2018.
The Eremitage Run
The Eremitage Run gathers around 20,000 active runners - and almost 70,000 spectators.
The Night of Culture - Copenhagen
Visit and experience the Danish Parliament during The Night of Culture in Copenhagen.
Winter Time - 2018
At the end of October 2018 - Denmark will change all clocks to winter time - as all clocks will be adjusted back by one hour until the last weekend of March - 2019.
Explore Copenhagen cycling
Explore the city by cycle. Start at the Town Hall Square - and end at Amalienborg Palace. Provides cycling trough Copenhagen's bustling shopping area on special bike lanes and safe cycle paths.
Colourful October in Copenhagen...
pennies in a stream - falling leaves - a birch - autuum in Copenhagen!
Dear Reader...
Autumn in Copenhagen and beyond
Autumn has also reached Copenhagen. The tranquillity and beauty of autumn in Copenhagen and Denmark provides the perfect setting and a natural season for enjoying the best of fall in Copenhagen. Plan a getaway that combines scenic beauty with memorable excursions to experience as a tourist and a visitor. Here are some scenic drives out of Copenhagen that offer gorgeous fall foliage - as well as that special something extra that visitors can enjoy. Take the car or train to the Eremitage Plains and Deer Park (Dyrehaven) - that has the status of being a part of the UNESCO list of outstanding and remarkable "World Heritage Sites" - and experience all the beautiful changing fall foliage plus all the deer’s around this marvellous woodland. One can also take a trip to the Furesø Lake and admire the huge forest areas around “Hareskoven” - just 15 km from the city centre.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Denmark
Delightful Denmark - The Jelling Stones
We continue the series of portraying Delightful Denmark and the many Remarkable - Must See - Tourism Sights - which is a part of the Danish Cultural Heritage and National Treasures - as well as pointing out an attractive piece and historical slice of Denmark - that in this October Newsletter will focus on the momentous “JELLING STONES” - which is the Danes National Symbol and Christian Identity plus a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Denmark
Danish Wine Production
At present - there are over 80 wine producers and wineries in Denmark with a superb range of premium award winning wines with splendid fruit flavours that have captured the character and richness of each region in Denmark. The total production of red and white wine from Danish wineries is expected to be about 80,000 litre of wine in 2017-2018. In 2000 the EU approved Denmark as a wine producing nation - and the majority of Danish wine produced is red wine.
Cruise Ships and Visitors in Town
There are 9 cruise ships with tourists and visitors in town from all over the world in October enjoying their city or business break - weekend getaway - romantic escape - adventure vacation - family holiday - destination wedding - cruise voyage - leisure triptravel incentive - honeymoon - heritage excursion - tour package - cultural event - cross country expedition etc. - and has aimed Copenhagen and Denmark for their holiday destination.
The Eremitage Run 2018 - The Deer Park
Come and participate in the world’s first fun and run wellness arrangement called the traditional 13,3 km Eremitage Run north of Copenhagen together with over 20,000 active runners - and 60-70,000 spectators.
Night of Culture
October is the Night of Culture in Copenhagen - where tourist can explore Copenhagen and all its cultural venues as well as events after dark with the Night of Culture Badge. The whole city is an integral part of The Night of Culture - involving major and minor cultural institutions. Copenhagen turns vibrant - and has something for everybody: theatre - music - experimental arts - dancing - city walks - lectures and the list goes on and on and on!
Winter Time & Clocks
The Danes will all set their clocks back 1 hour - and switch to winter time on October 28 - 2018.
Enquiries regarding interesting Topics and Issues
The editorial Newsletter team receive many questions about certain topic and issues described and illustrated on especially concerning: The Danish Cultural Heritage - The Royal Danish Family - Cruise matters - Museums - Denmark - Transportation - Danish Food Culture - Events - Historical Venues - Danish Currency & money etc. - which the editorial team will focus on and explain in a more detailed - and select as a main topic in a up-to-date version in every monthly Newsletter edition - beside of other news related subjects about Copenhagen and Denmark.

Weather in October
October can be quite cold with frost at night on the surface. The average temperature in October is about 10 -15 °C - and many showers are expected - but there is always a fresh cool breeze sweeping over the rolling landscape of Denmark - and there are still many visitors in town enjoying the fresh side of Copenhagen.

Warmest and Coldest October day in Denmark
-The Warmest day in Denmark in October was measured on October 11 - 2011 - at Store Jydevad - Southern Jutland - with a temperature as high as +26,9°C.

-The Coldest day in Denmark in October was measured on October 30 - 1880 - at Thorstedlund - Northern Jutland - with a temperature as low as -11,9°C.

Highest temperature in Denmark - October 2017
The highest temperature in Denmark last year in October - 2017 was 19,7°C - at St. Jyndevad on October 15th. near the Danish - German border in South Jutland. The lowest temperature in Denmark last year in October - 2017 was -2,0°C - on October 30th. at Billund in Mid Jutland.

Visitors Lounge
- Event Calendar

Delightful Denmark...
Visit a Remarkable - Must See - Tourism Sight.
A part of the Danish Cultural Heritage and National Treasures!
The Jelling Stones - Jutland
The Jelling Stones are erected beside Jelling Church situated in the small town of Jelling on the eastern part of Jutland and near Vejle Fjord.
King Harald Bluetooth
King Harald Bluetooth made the Danes Christian in 964 AC - according to the big Jelling Stone. This portray of the King can be seen in Roskilde Cathedral.
Attractive piece and historical slice of Denmark...
The Birth Certificate of Denmark - and Christianity
When visiting Jelling and the two Runic Stones placed beside Jelling Church from 1050 A.C. - and the two Royal Burial Mounds of the first monarchs of Denmark - King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra Danebod - then one is right in the centre of more than thousand years of Danish history. The big Jelling Stone - was erected by King Harald Bluetooth in 964 A.C. - to honour his parents King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra Danebod - and is a National Monument together with the little runic stone raised by King Gorm in remembrance of his wife Queen Thyra Danebod in 954. The biggest runic stone is called “The Birth Certificate of Denmark” - and the two runic stones at Jelling - as well as the to royal burial mounds symbolizes the foundation of the Danish nation - and the first sign that the Danes being converted to Christianity around year 964 A.C..

The Jelling Stones
The two Jelling stones are placed in the churchyard of Jelling Church between the two large entombment mounds called the northern hill and southern hill - where King Gorm the Old and his Queen Thyra Danebod was buried in the past.

   The Jelling Runic Stones is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Read more - The Jelling Stones

Delightful Denmark Series

Wine Cultivated near Copenhagen...
...And also around other fruitful wine regions in Denmark
The first Rondo wine stocks
The first Rondo wine stocks were planted in the vine fields at the Avedøre Vineyard in 1995.
Danish Wine Production
The Nordlund wine has received many awards and elected several time as one of the best Danish wines. There are almost 80 other high profiled wine producers and wineries in Denmark with a similar premium wine production.
Grape varieties in Denmark
The Danish wines are based on the grape varieties Rondo - Léon Millot - Regent and Castle. Especially the Rondo grape is really suitable for the Danish climate and weather conditions.

Vineyard just 10 km from the city centre...
…the days of wine and roses and you-oo-oo!

For genuine wine lovers!
Just 10 km on the outskirts of Copenhagen - one will find the first commercial wineries in Denmark that was founded in 1995 - by a new generation of ambitious and dynamic winemakers - who planted their first Rondo wine stocks at Avedøre Vineyard. In 2015 the vineyard switched to organic wine production - and the organic cultivation period is finally completed - which enables the Avedøre Vineyard to offer pure organic based wine originated from their organic 2018 certified wine production.

Due to the mildly summer weather in Denmark and the large gaps of sunshine - it has been possible to produce first class vine based on the grape varieties Rondo - Léon Millot - Regent and Castle. Most important is the Rondo that is the dominating grape in Danish wine production - which is used for producing single grape red wine and also the basic component in blends. Rondo is really suitable for the Danish climate and weather conditions. Rondo does not need a long summer for maturing and it is rather resistant to plant diseases like fungous attacks. The grapes Léon Millot and Regent that are well known old grape varieties - are the second most important grapes in Danish wine production.

The pure quality red wine that is harvest and produced at Avedøre
vineyard is called Nordlund - and has every year since the first wine bottle was introduced in 1995 to the Danish market received many awards and elected several time as the best Danish wine.

The harvest of the grapes will be completed in the beginning of October - and the production of wine will then start with the first vintage bottles from the 2018-collection being delivered at Easter 2019. Nearly all 4.500 bottles are already sold to restaurants and Danish wine enthusiast - but some are left for sale at the Wine Centre in Advedøre - and at special wine stores.

The price for a Nordlund bottle of wine vintage 2016-2017 - costs about DKK 200,-250,- and the winery is still expanding its organic wine stocks and production facilities.

At present - there are almost 80 wine producers and wineries in Denmark with a superb range of premium - award winning wines with splendid fruit flavours that have captured the character and richness of each region in Denmark. The total production of red and white wine from Danish wineries is expected to be about 80,000 litre of wine in 2017-2018. In 2000 the EU approved Denmark as a wine producing nation - and the majority of Danish wine produced is red wine.

According to the international alcohol statistics Denmark belongs to the group of countries that have a relatively high consumption level of wine. In 2017 - the total consumption of wine in Denmark amounted almost 300 million litres - which corresponds to nearly 50 litres per capita. Thus - next to wine producing countries like e.g. Italy - France and Greece - Denmark belongs to the very top of wine consuming countries.
Visit the tranquil Deer Park from 1669...
...And a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Eremitage Palace - 1734
The Eremitage Palace from 1734 is placed on the highest point of the Deer Park with a panoramic view to the Oresound strait and Sweden.
The Deer Park from 1669
The Eremitage Plains and Deer Park is a popular venue for Copenhageners and a great leisure area for open air activities. King Christian III founded the Deer Park in 1669.
The 2100 Deer's
There are almost 2100 Deer's at the Eremitage Plains with a stock of Red Deer's - Fallow Deer's and Sika Deer's.
Sightseeing & Field Trips in October...
on the road again - goin' places that I've never been!
Take a Field Trip to the Deer Park and the Eremitage Plains

Deer Park (Dyrehaven) and the Eremitage Plains
As the weather is still for open-air activities - and for field trips in October - we suggest that you take a tour to the Deer Park (Dyrehaven) - or better known as the Eremitage Plains - and experience the beautiful orange changing fall foliage plus all the deer’s around this marvellous woodland north of Copenhagen and just 15 km from the city centre.

King Frederik III and his hunting grounds
King Frederik III
(1609-1670 - ruled Denmark and Norway 1648-1670) founded the Deer Park in 1669 - to establish hunting grounds for the royal family. The park was mainly used as the royal hunting fields and was the King’s private deer park until he died in 1670. The park was opened to the public in 1736 - during the reign of King Christian VI. (1699-1746 - ruled Denmark and Norway 1730-1746)

The Deer's
The Deer Park is a world-class attraction in vast woodland settins and broad forest paths among the many imposing century-old trees. During the past 300 years - the amount of deer’s in the Deer Park has raised to almost 2100 - with a stock of 300 Red Deer - 1700 Fallow Deer and about 100 Sika Deer. In the springtime almost 700 fawns are born - and to keep the flock of herds at a reasonable stage it is essential to shoot 700-800 animals during the winter season.

Picnics and outdoor activities
The Deer Park is a very popular place for family gatherings - picnics and outdoor activities - and over 2 million people visits this charming outing venue every year. For nature lovers and recreational fans the Deer Park is a must to visit.

The Royal "Par Force" Hunting

The Danish Monarchs “Par Force” hunting - is a special hunting method - where the royal and noble hunters and their associates on horseback - and with help of trained dogs - would chase a deer until it was so exhausted that it simply had no breath to run any further. The dogs would then hold the stag long enough - until the most prominent member of the hunting party was ready to kill their hunting trophy - using either a long bayonet or a lance. The Plains of the Eremitage woodlands - were the perfect place to conduct this type of hunting. The Royal "Par Force" hunting was abolished around 1775.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Denmark
The "Par Force" Hunting landscape in North Zealand includes the two hunting forests of Store Dyrehave and Gribskov - as well as the hunting park of Jægersborg Hegn/Jægersborg Dyrehave near the Eremitage plains and forests were included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in July 2015.


See: Sightseeing

Enjoy Cycling in Copenhagen - October

Cycling and Outdoor Fun in October...
...but you'll look sweet - upon the seat - of a bicycle made for two!

Explore Copenhagen on a cycle
Take some very warm clothes on - a warm jacket - coat - cap - scarf - and gloves - and have plentiful of outdoor fun and fresh air in October - as it can be quite chilly at this time of the year. We invite you once again to lend a bike at your local hotel and lodging site - or rent a bike at selected cycles shops - and then explore Copenhagen with all the historical places and cultural venues together with all the amusing sites at the ever bustling waterfront and beautiful coastline of the city. Visit the National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseet) - which is situated near the city centre - and experience the Danes cultural history and everlasting heritage.

360 km of safe cycle tracks
Visitors can actually take cycle trips from the one end of the city to the other within 1-hour. Start at Kongens Nytorv and cycle through the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget”. Then pass the Town Hall Square and enter the main shopping street “Vesterbrogade” that will take you right to the Zoo - while passing 5 km of shops - shops and shops - in one stretch. Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 360 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.

Over 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen
Nearly every Copenhagener owns a bicycle - and some have one extra cycle for commuting and leisure activities - as there are almost 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen. Over 60% of all Copenhageners cycle back and forth to work - to the nearest station or to other public transportation services. There are over 360 km of save cycle tracks around the city - and should the cyclist have a green wave between traffic lights - the speed on a bicycle can easily reach 20 km per hour. Cycles are widely used in the summertime - due to the suitable weather conditions - even though the cycle tracks in the winter period are effectively cleaned for snow or other obstacles. The first separate bicycle tracks was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time.

OBS! - Cycle City & Free Bicycles?

Even though Copenhagen claims to be a real Cycle City - and aims to be the world's best city for cyclists in 2018 - with over 360 km of safe bike lanes placed imaginatively like a magnificent maze around the city - and just a fantastic experience for visitors and tourists to use and explore - then Copenhagen is the only Capital in the world without "Free Bicycles" for their tourists and visitors! Unfortunately - the City Council of Copenhagen has not yet decided - whether to offer our valuable tourists and visitors free bicycles to explore Copenhagen on two wheels.

Cycling around:Cycling & Driving - Visitors Lounge - Shopping

National Museum
Visit the National Museum - situated near the city centre - and soak up the Danes cultural history.
Waterfront Cycling
Cycle to the always bustling waterfront and beautiful coastline of the city.
350 km of safe cycle tracks
Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 350 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen
13 Cruise Ships in Copenhagen - October - 2018...
…Copenhagen's harbour - Scandinavia's major cruise centre!
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria has frequently visited Copenhagen in 2018 - together with Cruise ships from all over the world - on their way to the Baltic Sea - and other Scandinavian countries.
Norwegian Star
Norwegian Star is one of the many cruise ships that have regularly entered the ports of Copenhagen in 2018.
Copenhagen - Popular Port of Call
Over 1.2 million passengers and crew members from all over the world are expected to visit Copenhagen by ship in 2018 - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe.

Cruising Copenhagen
The cruise ship season is declining for 2018 - and will end with almost 320 calls - with 13 Cruise Vessels entering Copenhagen’s harbour in October - 2018. Over 1.2 million passengers and crew member from all over the world are expected to visit Copenhagen by ship in 2018 - and more than 68 different cruise vessels have embarked the cruise ports of Copenhagen in 2018 - from 40 international Cruise Companies on their way to the Baltic countries - Germany - Russia and Scandinavia - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe for intercontinental Cruise Companies and their Cruise Liners.

he National breakdown of Cruise Vessels and Passengers in 2017
The busiest months for Cruise Ships Calls in the ports of Copenhagen and Denmark for Cruise Liners in 2017 - was June - July and August - and the roughly nationality breakdown of passengers visiting Copenhagen in 2017 - was as follows: USA/Canada (25%) Germany (23%) - Scandinavia (21%) - UK (14%) - Italy (7%) - Spain (4%) - Australia (3%) - and worldwide (3%) - and almost equal to 2016 figures.

Cruise Ships - and New Terminal Facilities
Cruise ships entering the port of Copenhagen will either embark at the Langelinie Pier - or the harbour area of the Freeport Piers at Nordhavn. Cruise ships from Norway - Sweden and Poland will dock at the new cruise terminal at "Amerika Plads". The expected visit of "Turn Around Cruise Ships" - will mainly tie up at the North Harbour Piers or Langelinie Quay for embarkation. The North Harbour Cruise Terminal with new piers has been taken into use to service some of the millions of incoming international cruise travellers - and crew members more conveniently in the future - with a pier to dock three cruise ships at a time. The Langelinie Quay offers their passengers historic terminal facilities - and situated in the Langelinie park area. The old Langelinie quay was established in 1910 - for embarkation of international cruise liners - and is still functioning as a cruise terminal.

Sightseeing Tours & Trips
Take an online round trip on our Copenhagen city portal - - and we are sure that cruise passengers will be overloaded with information and guided online trough the city of Copenhagen - when visiting this tourist site and cultural guide. Beside of escaping on one of our many historical excursions or cultural field trips - there are plentiful of ways to see Copenhagen as a tourist and cruise passengers.

Inbound Travel Service

Cruise Copenhagen

Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Destinations - Denmark
Ports of Call in Denmark
The West Coast of Jutland
Visit the vast and rustic West Coast areas of Jutland - with the ever moving sand dunes - and the fishing boats on the sandy beaches.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Beside Copenhagen being the major cruise destination in Scandinavia - then several other beautiful and exhilarating cities in Denmark - all filled with a rich history - interesting attractions and an explosion of cultural venues - are visited by intercontinental cruise passengers - as these selected cruise destinations and Danish waterfront townscapes are widely used as the Port of Call for international Cruise Liners cruising the clean and steady waters of Denmark.
Ports of Call in Denmark:

Jutland: Aalborg - Aarhus - Fredericia - Skagen
Funen: Faaborg
Sealand: Copenhagen - Elsinore - Hundested - Kalundborg
Bornholm: Rønne
Shore Excursion and Field Trips
Our Inbound Travel Service Team offers comprehensive shore excursion and field trips from all Danish cruise destinations - as well as exploring the countryside around the local historical areas with many exciting sites and top attractions.
Denmark Tours - in and around Denmark
Customised Roundtrip with Guide - in and around Denmark
Cruise Lines operating from Copenhagen Ports of Call...
...and other Ports of Call in Denmark!
Free - Free - Free - Copenhagen
"The Thinker" Sculpture
See the famous "The Thinker" by Rodin at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - in the center of Copenhagen.
The "Water Mother"
Visit the tropical winter garden at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - with many subtropical plants and flowers. The statue of the “Water Mother” welcomes the audience visiting this sculptural palace - located right in the center of the town.
...and no costly plastic cards required!


Explore Copenhagen Free. Free Activities - Attractions - Events and Venues. Copenhagen offers many free experiences to explore that don't cost one "Kroner" (DKK) - and the Copenhageners wishes to share all of the free offers together with tourists and visitors.
Copenhagen Culture

Here are some of the free stuff and activities tourists and visitors can explore and experience - while staying in Copenhagen. Museums - Art Galleries - Libraries - Parks - Gardens and Leisure Areas - Changing of the Guards - Historical Churches and Cemeteries - "Strøget" (the worlds longest Shopping Street) - Harbour bath and Beaches - Free bicycles - Town Hall - Skating Rinks - The Danish Parliament - The Old Citadel (from 1626) - Nyhavn - (the longest bar in Scandinavia) - Botanical Garden - The Glyptotek - Skateboarding - Top Attractions and Historical Places - plus many free Seasonal venues and events in Copenhagen. See: Copenhagen Culture
Visit The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - Free admission on Tuesdays
The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with its beautiful sub-tropical Winter Garden - and extensive collections of sculptures as well as paintings by famous international artists surrounded by a museum building created in the fine art of classicism and inaugurated in 1897 - is a place of art and culture in Copenhagen.

All youngsters under 18 - have free access to The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

A broad art collection of genuine paintings by famous Impressionists like Monet - Renoir - Degas - Cézanne and other leading Post Impressionists as Van Gogh - Toulouse-Lautrec - Paul Gauguin etc. - are well represented at The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - and on display in the new building.

See: Museums
Indoor Public Baths - Swimming Pools
Public Baths and Swimming Pools
The October season is for indoor bathing and swimming - and Copenhagen offers numerous of opportunities for tourists to find and use a public bath with great indoor swimming pools and areas in the city for the whole family - with water activity centres - fitness and workout facilities - steam rooms - saunas etc. for a handful of Danish Kroners. Almost every public bath and swimming pool services offers fun pools - wave machines - great water slides - flumes - bubble pools - toddlers creek - spas - relaxing jacuzzi and aqua aerobics classes. The public baths and swimming pools is often locally placed right beside hotels and lodging quarters in town.

Copenhagen Beaches
Take a stroll at one of Copenhagen many sandy beaches - and inhale fresh clean air - while visiting the city.

Winter Bathers
Winter bathers
- and the hard core Vikings can still enjoy the fresh and clean waters at the Harbour Bathing facilities.

Beaches and Bathing - Copenhagen - Harbour Bathing

Public Baths & Swimming Pools

There are numerous public bathing facilities with great indoor swimming pools plus water activity centres in Copenhagen for the entire family.
Events & Entertainment in Copenhagen
Events and other City Hot Spots in September - 2018... Scandinavia's largest and most lively capital!
See: Event Calendar - 2018
Marking days of October - 2018
Christian Holy Days - Public Holidays and Flag Days in October - 2018

There are no Holy Days or Public Holidays in October - 2018.

Autumn Holidays (Efterårsferie)
All schools are closed for Autumn Holidays in Denmark - either in week 41 or 42. Many parents
take a week of from work - and spend the winter holidays with their children.

Winter Time
The Danes will all set their clocks back 1 hour - and switch to winter time on October 28 - 2018.

Public Holidays and Flag Days

Monthly Information
The Danes drink the cleanest tap and drinking water in the world.
Clean fresh tap water
Remember - there is always clean fresh running tap water in every Danish household - institution - hotel etc. - and the Danes drink almost 2,5 litres of water each day.
Monthly Information...
…Personal and Practical Information for Tourists and Visitors! - do receive many hundred emails regarding subjects about: Language - Personal Emergencies - Doctors - Dentists - Casualty Wards - Free Hospital Treatment - Public Health Insurance - Pharmacy - (Apotek) - Drinking Water - Electricity - Tipping - Safety Precautions - Pocket Thieves - Police - Lost and Found Property - Local Transportation - Parking in Copenhagen - Cycling in Copenhagen - Religion and Churches - Shopping Hours - Post Offices and Banks - Credit Cards - Danish Currency - Internet - WIFI - Cell Phone - Weather and Climate - Denmark etc. The Newsletter Team has focus on all of these topics and the users of this site will find the answers under our Visitors Lounge.

Visitors Lounge

Miscellaneous & Monthly News Résumé…
The S-Trains and Transport in 2018...
…take the S-Train - and listen to those rails a-humming

The S-Train
Take the S-Train and experience Copenhagen and beyond - on one of the best local train networks in the world. The tour with the S-train is a great opportunity for tourists to see the city and also discover the outskirts of Copenhagen - as well as exploring North Sealand and the southern coastline too - with its many attractions - historical venues and enchanting forest areas. The train ride - from the Central Station or other local stations will take visitors every 20 minutes to Klampenborg - Hillerød and Frederikssund north of Copenhagen - and to Køge alongside the southern coastline of Sealand.

DSB is the main train operator in Denmark - and is owned by the Danish State.

The S-Train Net and Lines of Copenhagen - S-Trains
Free bicycles with the S-Train
The S-Train has a wide network of lines in and beyond Copenhagen - and it's free to transport a bicycle with the S-Train.
24 Hour Ticket
The 24 hour ticket provides unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen.
The FlexCard
The FlexCard offers unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen for
7 or 30 days.
Free transport of Bicycles
It is also free to take your bicycle with the S-Train every day all year round in 2018 - to your end station and destination.

Copenhagen Culture and Transport
Route Map
Route map for busses - trains and Metro.
Parking Guide
Car parking guide in and around Copenhagen.

Updated route map for Busses - Trains and Metro + Parking in central Copenhagen...

Maps and other traffic info are frequently updated
To give our readers better updated info about Busses - Trains - Metro and Harbour Busses as well as parking possibilities in central Copenhagen - we have moved this section from our transport site to the Monthly Newsletter page - as maps and other info are frequently updated by the provider of these services.

Updated bus route map
You're in the Greater Copenhagen area for a family visit or other reasons. Whatever - you'll need to get around by Bus - Train - Metro and Harbour Bus as easily as possible. Here we provide you with a quick overview of an updated route map that is relevant for you - which all valid for both buses - trains and Metro - some with specific periods and zones.

Harbour Busses
Take the harbour busses and experience Copenhagen from the seaside and waterfront - where one can hop on and of at popular spots around the harbour area.

The Bus Route Map is under revision!

Parking within the Pay and Display zone

You have to pay for parking at all times from 08.00 A.M. on Mondays until 17.00 P.M. on Saturdays. Your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for the zone in which it was bought and also in any cheaper zones. Note that your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for all zones from 18.00 in the evening until 08.00 the next morning because charges are the same everywhere for that time period. All parking around the city of Copenhagen is free on Sundays.

Se more on - and then select the english version!

Danish Banknotes & Coins
The Danish Banknotes...
…money - money - money - must be funny - in a rich man’s world!

When visiting Denmark - tourists will be presented with these new banknotes called the 2009-2011 series. But one will still meet the 1997 and 1972 series of banknotes in circulation.

The Theme of the banknotes

The theme of the new banknotes is Danish bridges and the surrounding landscapes - or details from these landscapes. The artist Karin Birgitte Lund has chosen to interpret this theme in two ways - bridges as links between various parts of Denmark and as links between the past and the present. The present is represented by the bridges - the past by five distinctive prehistoric objects found near the bridges.

Read more:
Danish Currency - Banknotes & Coins

First Danish banknote - 1728
The first Danish banknote was issued in 1713 - and the banknote was to have the same value as coins - but the Danes did not trust this paper money - and its value therefore soon fell to below the coin value. The banknotes were withdrawn again in 1728.
Travelling safely in Copenhagen - 2018
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen
Safety Precautions in Copenhagen...
...especially in crowded areas!

Cynical Pickpockets - Trick Thieves and Con Men!

Like in any other Capital City or Metropolitan areas - Copenhagen has it’s problems with professional pickpockets and and cynical trick thieves that mainly target Visitors and Tourists - and are spread all over the city with their criminal activities. Even though Copenhagen records a very low crime rate - and is a quite safe place to be and live - pocket thieves operate in crowded tourist areas - where the risk of being a victim for these sneaky criminals is higher on the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” - and the area around the Central Station and in S-Trains - as well as Cinemas - Cafés - Restaurants and Public Transportation etc.. So be careful with your personal belongings and always use your common sense. If any attempt - you should immediately contact the police.

Read more:
Travelling Safely in Copenhagen

Pickpockets and Thieves
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen - and many con men and criminals will enter Copenhagen for the tourist season.
Quotation of the month
Storm Petersen
Quotation of the month - October 2018

“Everybody is talking about the weather - but nobody is doing anything about it!”.

--Alle taler om Vejret - men ingen gør noget ved det!

Robert Storm Petersen - Danish Lay Philosopher and Cartoonist. 1892-1949.
Danish Food Culture - Culinary Heritage - and Cooking Recipes
*A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage*
Danish Specialities - Recipes of the Month - October
"Æbleflæsk" - Delicious Apple Pork
A Genuin Danish National Dish
Æbleflæsk” - Apple Pork is one of the oldest Danish dishes from the middle of the 18th century - and was originated from the rural country kitchens located in different regions in Denmark. There are different types of recipes that are prepared locally - and in its own style and variation. But the two basic elements in the dish are apples and thick slices of streaky pork - which at that time either was preserved by smoking - salting - or even air-dried - to preserve the pork for long life storage that could last for over one year. The dish were prepared and serve every week during the apple and cold winter season from September to March - and did provide lots of energy for people working and living in and around the countryside of Denmark. When the industrialisation period started in the 19th century -and many peasants moved to the bigger cities for work - the “Æbleflæsk” dish followed with the new inhabitants - and slowly the Apple Pork became very popular among the native citizens too. Today the tasty and mouth watering “Æbleflæsk” is turned into a national winter supplement and recipe - that is enjoyed by nealy every Dane at wintertime - and especially at Christmas. The preserved meat is exchanged with thick slices of fresh and juicy streaky pork. The combination of apples and streaky pork - gives a perfect match and flavour - that is second to none. The dish is found on the menu in many restaurants in the city - and we have set up a recipe for home cooking as well.
Delicious Danish Apple Pork - "Æbleflæsk"
Delicious Danish Apple Pork
The "æbleflæsk" dish is over 250 years old - and has been a traditional everyday meal for generations of Danes that just want to taste some warm and healthy food in the wintertime. "Æbleflæsk" - or apple pork is one of the most popular and favourite dishes in Denmark.





Thick slices of streaky pork
Apples - cored and diced
Tablespoon of sugar
Tablespoon of brown sugar
Tablespoon of Lurpak butter
Tablespoon of water
Large onion

Fresh rosemary leaves

Bay leaves

Slices of dark rye bread
Spead with Danish pork lard - or lurpack butter

Danish Streaky Pork Slices
Choose always fresh thick slices of slight salty streaky pork for your "Æbleflæsk" dish - together with good and medium sweet apples - then you can be sure to succeed with your Danish Apple Pork.
Juicy Apples & Onions - Cored and Sliced
Fresh onions and tart apples ads the special flavour to this delicious Apple Pork dish and gives the best taste together with the thick pork slices - as well as sending a rustic aroma all over the kitchen.

Follow me...

"Æbleflæsk" - Danish Apple Pork


- Select 10 thick slices of fresh and slight salty streaky pork - and place the pork slices on the oven rack. Put a little bowl of water underneath the rack to keep the streaky pork slices juicy during roasting.

- Then preheat the oven to 200°C. Place the rack with the slices of pork in the heated oven. Roast the pork in the oven for about 15-20 minutes - until the slices are crispy and golden. Remove the rack - and let the slices drip off on a paper towel.

- Melt the butter in a large saucepan. Cut the onions in rings and fry them till they are golden. Remove the onions to drip - and then ad the apples into the saucepan - with some of the remaining butter from the onions. Let the apples simmer for 3-4 minutes with some bay leaves plus rosemary leaves
- to your taste - then ad some sugar and water until the apples have turned into a suitable rustic pulpy mash - where the structure of the apples still are visible. Then ad rest of the sugar.

- Serve the apple pork on fresh rough rye bread - that is spread with Danish pork lard. Start with a layer of the apple pulp - then the fried onions - and then decorate with the golden and crispy streaky pork on top of the mashed apples. Garnish with fresh
rosemary leaves.

Ready-made "Æbleflæsk"

You can also buy various ready-made "Æbleflæsk" - Apple Pork in supermarkets and grocery stores - but it is not as tasty as the home cooking version.

Consuming Apples and Pork

The Danes harvest - import and eat over 25,000 t of apples every year - and are also the most pork eating consumers in the world - as each Dane eats over 70 kg of tasty pork products every year.

Eating - and traditional Danish food culture


- Enjoy yor meal!


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Important Tip!
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