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Lakes around Copenhagen
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The 3 Lakes around Copenhagen
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The Lakes - Copenhagen
Relaxation at the lakes of Copenhagen - with a rich diversity of birdlife and swan habitats.
Lakes around Copenhagen
The Lakes that surround Copenhagen was established around year 1500 - to provide drinking water to the entire city. During 1725-1728 - the three man-made lakes - Sortedams Søen - Peblinge Søen and Skt. Jørgens Sø - were given its present form - with green landscape - and low along-side paths called the Path of Love - Marriage and Friendship.

Water Supplying Systems
In the early middle age there was great need for small water streams in Copenhagen to run all the water mills for the drinking water. This is how the lakes around Copenhagen was developed for later to be water reservoir for the increasing number of inhabitants. The various lakes around the city were more or less connected to each other - as a part of Copenhagen's water supplying systems.
Queen Louise’s Bridge - 1888
Motif from 1888 of Queen Louise’s Bridge over the lakes with a horse driven public tramcar.
Boat tours on the lakes - 1894
Boat tour on the lakes in 1894 - where several tour operators offered their services.

The Three Lakes
The three lakes - Sortedamssø - Peblinge Sø and Skt. Jørgen Sø became the outside fortification line for Copenhagen.

Distribution of clean drinking water - 1812
In 1812 - the Danish state took over all the water distribution in Copenhagen to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to all citizens.

The Sortedams Lake and The Royal Hospital
Ariel view of Sortedams Lake situated at the side of Peblinge Lake - and devided by the Fredensbro Bridge. In the front is the Rigshospital Complex (Royal Hospital - Rigshospitalet) - which is located right up to the huge Park Grounds - called Fælledparken. © Rigshospitalet.
Recreational areas
Today all lakes around Copenhagen are only used for recreational purposes - and the areas surrounding the lakes is a much appreciated amenity today - both for many healthy activities and also for relaxation.

A Jogging - or Walking Tour
A walking or jogging tour around all the lakes will have a length of totally 6,350 km.
Recreational areas - for outdoor activities
The recreational areas around the lakes offers a wealth of outdoor activities.
Stately buildings surround the Lakes
Illuminated Sortedams Sø - and stately buildings all around the lakes.
The lakes are located on the northwest side of the inner city - and divides Copenhagen with five basins and four bridges.
Lakes of Copenhagen


Sortedamssø – Peblinge Sø and Skt. Jørgen Sø

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Lakes around Copenhagen
Sortedamssø - Peblinge Sø and Skt. Jørgen Sø
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