Rent A Castle - Historical Castle Estate - Manor - Mansion in Denmark

There are roughly 800 Historical Castles - Estates - Manors - in Denmark - and over 30 offering Hotel & Conference facilities.
Rent A Castle - Historical Castle Estate - Manor - Mansion in Denmark
ecome a real Nobility and live like Aristocrats
Here’s a chance of a lifetime to become a Countess & Count - Duchess & Duke - Baroness & Baron or Lady & Lord just for a passionate and dream-come-true moment before others - and receive royal treatment - plus live the same lifestyle as many aristocrats and noble privileged in the past at more than 30 historical Castles - Estates - Manors - Mansions and Country Homes in Denmark that have open their doors to the public - and now offers guests genuine - luxurious and exclusive Hotel and Conference facilities with stylish and regal interiors and furnishings that ads an extra dimension and bonus to your stay in the serenity of the Danish countryside - while being familiar with the Danes thousand years of history and cultural heritage. The many possibilities to make your event or vacation completely successful - and the opportunity to experience this world before the next is quite unique at these stately - imperial and picturesque residences - surrounded by their fascinating gardens and beautiful landscaped parks that have great potential for fulfilling any events - recreational requirements and leisure activities - whether its a arrangement for an indoor or outdoor:
Conference - Seminar & Meeting
Corporate Event & Exhibition
Business Incentive & Teambuilding
Romantic Wedding & Anniversary
Banquet & Reception
Gourmet Dinner & Candlelight Supper
Weekly Escape & Holiday Break
Recreation & Leisure
Family Vacation & Celebration
Classy Accommodation & Idyllic Lodging
Spa & Wellness
Excursion & Field Trip
ent a historic property
As these noble estates and imposing mansions in Denmark - differ in size - style - capacity - architecture and location with a wide range of amenities and services - our event team can offer to rent a suitable venue with a complete package proposal that will satisfy your firm requirements in any favourable manner - wherever or whenever you want to spend your planned stay and precious time in Denmark. So treat yourself and your guests by escaping a moment from the 21st century - and then enjoy relaxation - tranquillity and grandeur hospitality in historical and often royal surroundings that offers casual excellence in a authentic patrician environment of the ancient past - which is followed up by a warm caring attitude and a sincerely welcoming atmosphere. Contact
Giesegaard Estate - 1705
Giesegaard Estate from 1705 - has recently open their doors for commercial arrangements in exclusive surrounding - and offers conference facilities for corporate events and incentive programs. This historical estate is situated near the town of Ringsted on the isle of Sealand.
Quality food and superb catering service
No matter what type of event or special occasion the guests require - there will always be taken good care of their appetite - with a selection of quality food and superb catering service - plus various choices of drinks. The food spans from delicious buffets - gourmet dinners and culinary dishes.
rief History
Even though Denmark has a total size of only 43,000 km² with almost 90 inhabited islands - there are nearly 800 Royal and Historical Castles - Estates - Manors - Mansions in Denmark - mainly due to Denmark’s status of being a productive agricultural country - and differentiate largely by its rural heritage since the late 1200s - as well as its natural role in the Danish nations cultural tradition and history. The 800 impressive edifices and exquisite residences with their expansive landscape and woodland - covers over ten per cent of Denmark’s total area. Mainly the prime amount of these historical and noble family homes located around the Danish countryside - are splendid architectural gems and historic monuments built primary in customary Danish style - while some Estates and Manors reflect distinguish stylishness in there Roman - Romanesque - Gothic - Renaissance - Baroque - Rococo and Neoclassical architecture. All of these upper class premices with vast farmland and forestry are mostly in private hands of the new generation of the Danish aristocracy and nobility that sums up Dukes - Counts - Barons and Earls - who still administrate and finance the refurbishment - modernisation and preservation of these stately properties with their everlasting historical legacy.
Rosenholm Castle - 1559
Rosenholm Castle from 1559 - is built in renaissance style - and a historic monumental edifice that is located near the town of Aarhus on the Jutland peninsular. The castle offers corporate events - romantic weddings and private arrangements in luxurious surroundings and cosy atmosphere.
Romantic weddings in historical surroundings
Mostly all castles - estates - manors and mansions in Denmark own a private chapel that is attached to the wedding venue - where the holy marriage ceremony can takes place - and then followed up by a grand celebration party for family and friends in an authentic historic environment.
opular filming locations
Danish Castles - Estates - Manors - Mansions - have been a subject for the shooting and production of numerous films - cinema movies - screen plays and TV series during the past - and often been a great gathering and outdoor venue for interested spectators. Numerous successful sceneries from Danish castles - estates - manors and mansions have been used in films with their authentic backdrops - as these historic properties and architectural pearls offer on location settings and conditions with genuine interior and exterior - inspiring rural surroundings - romantic landscaped parks and tranquil forests - scenic recreation areas and beautiful hillsides - coastal paths and pompous entrances that have been filmed since the first Danish footage took place in 1896 - and continued during more than a century. These fashionable and stylish cinema movies contributed to create a popular film genre in this special upper class environment of Danish aristocracy and nobility - which is a important and historical part of Danish filming and movie heritage.
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