Frederiksberg Palace and Garden - Greater Copenhagen

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Frederiksberg Palace and Garden - Greater Copenhagen
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Frederiksberg Palace & Garden
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Frederiksberg Palace and Garden from 1700
Frederiksberg Palace and Garden from 1700 - is a popular venue for sunbathers and family picnics.
Frederiksberg Palace
Frederiksberg Palace was built around 1700 - as a new summer residence by King Frederik IV (1671-1730 – ruled Denmark and Norway 1699-1730) and was placed on the top of Valby Hill - which was one of the highest spots on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The architecture was in Italian Baroque style and the landscaping of the park area was inspired by the many travels King Frederik had to France and Italy. The first palace from 1700 - was built in one plan but was later changed in 1708-1709 to a three story building. Between 1732-1738 the palace was extended with two long wings on each side of the palace complex and painted yellow. In 1828 the palace was finally completed - when it was refurnished and linked to the old port house.
Royal residence from 1700 to 1852
King Frederik VI strolling in Frederiksberg Gardens with his family in 1813 - near his Royal summer residence Frederiksberg Palace on the top of Valby hill.
The Chinese Pavilion from 1803
The Chinese Pavilion from 1803 in Frederiksberg Garden served as a tea house for the royal family. Visitors can visit the Pavilion on Sundays during the summer season.
King Frederik VI - and Frederiksberg Palace & Garden
Frederiksberg Palace was the royal residence from 1700 to 1852 - when the dowager Queen Marie died and the Royal Military Academy took over the property in 1868. King Frederik VI (1768-1839 - King of Denmark and Norway 1808-1839) and his family used the palace in the summer season - while he was a crown prince and later during his reign as a King. The royal family just loved to live at Frederiksberg Palace - and walked trough the Palace gardens nearly every day - which gave the royal family quite a popular appearance. The last royal person - who lived at Frederiksberg Palace - was King Frederiks VI’s Queen Marie - who died here in 1852. At the entrance of Frederiks Garden is a statue of King Frederik VI - who welcomes all visitors entering the beautiful park area.
The Elephant Habitat & Frederiksberg Palace Garden
The Elephant Habitat at the Zoo is integrated with Frederiksberg Garden. Photo: Shanmathi Mageshwar.
Birdlife - Sanctuary and Zoo Copenhagen
Frederiksberg Garden boasts a rich bird life with an established population of Herons and Graylags - as well as being a bird sanctuary for many other bird species. As a bonus visiting Frederikberg Gardens - the Copenhagen Zoo Gardens has placed a part of its Elephant Habitat
in the Frederiksberg Garden Park - which has integrated the Zoo and Frederiksberg Garden - where the public can enjoy watching the elephant’s daily life.

The Chinese Bridge
The beautiful Chinese Bridge from 1800 - which leads guests over to the picturesque Chinese Pavilion from 1803 - that is placed on a little island.
The Elephant Habitat
Visitors can follow and enjoy the daily life of the Elephants in their habitat at the Zoo from Frederiksberg Palace Garden.
The Frederikberg Palace Garden
During the period from 1798 and 1804 - the Frederikberg Palace Garden was re-established by King Frederik VI from being a park in baroque style to a more inspired English style and a romantic landscaped garden with lakes and canals - pathways - sweeps - lawns - grove of threes surrounded by lavish fauna and flora. The idea was to create an atmosphere of a characteristic eighteenth century English Park that could guide the visitor trough a landscape of green areas with element such as spring grottoes - Chinese pavilions - temples - tea-houses - hermits' cottages - cascades - waterfall - Rose Garden - and much more. Frederiksberg Garden offers its visitors huge picnic areas - playgrounds – boating on the canals - jogging tracks - leisure activities etc.
Tranquillity and peaceful recreation areas
The shady grove of trees with lavish fauna and flora surrounding the curved canals - offers the visitors tranquillity and peaceful recreation areas.
Huge colony of tame grey Herons
The huge colony of tame grey Herons in Frederiksberg Garden are the descendants of the first herons - who escaped from the nearby Zoo in 1860.
Frederiksberg Palace and Garden is located on the Valby Hill and right beside the Zoo. Guided tours of Frederiksberg Palace are conducted every last Saturday in the month by the Cadets from the Royal Military Academy.

Frederiksberg Palace and Garden


Roskildevej 28
2000 Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Palace
Opening Hours: 11-13
Guided tours every last Saturday of the month (Except December)

Frederiksberg Garden
Open for the public all year round

Frederiksberg Palace and Garden
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